The left is divided into three fronts to surround Ayuso: education, health and housing

Education, health and housing. These are being the three fronts that, during these months, the left has been using to put the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Three very different themes that, at the gates of the electoral campaign, seem to have been divided between the three main opposition parties: PSOE, … Read more

What is the controversial Animal Welfare Law debated today in Spain?

First modification: 09/02/2023 – 14:24 This February 9 in Spain, the Congress of Deputies debates the Animal Welfare Law in plenary session, which has confronted the partners of the Government, PSOE and United We Can. Subsequently, it will be sent to the Senate to continue its processing before its implementation. The Animal Welfare Law seeks … Read more

Podemos, ERC, Bildu and the PDeCAT save the animal welfare law despite the exclusion of hunting dogs imposed by the PSOE

The animal welfare law, which has been on the wire until the last minute, finally made it through Congress. And he did it thanks to Unidas Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu have given up on tearing it down Despite the fact that the norm will not protect hunting dogs by decision of the PSOE, which … Read more

UPN asks in the Senate for reports on the concerts

The UPN senator for Navarra, Alberto Catalán, has asked the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training if it has reports “that endorse the constitutional legality of the decision adopted in Navarra to withdraw the educational concerts from the Baccalaureate stage to the schools that teach differentiated education”. In addition, as reported by UPN in a … Read more

Vestrynge asks the PSOE to decide between supporting the PP of those who torture dogs by putting the animal welfare law at risk

The Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Vestrynge, has urged the PSOE to decide if it is on the side of the right and of those who “mistreat, beat and torture dogs” or on the side that is committed to animal welfare. This is how Vestrynge has manifested himself in the courtyard of … Read more

Podemos accuses the PSOE of once again blocking the animal law

The parliamentary commission that had to decide on the future of the norm and whether or not it protects hunting dogs is called off again The organization secretary of Podemos, Lilith Verstrynge, has accused the PSOE this Tuesday of “unilaterally calling off” the commission where this Tuesday the future of animal law, given the clash … Read more