“Maybe presbyopia?” Five checklists | Domani | Toyo Keizai Online

It’s kind of tiring to look at my smartphone lately, and it’s hard to read small letters. Perhaps presbyopia has started!? We asked Dr. Yasutaka Hayashida, an ophthalmologist, about the presbyopia that women in their 40s are beginning to worry about. Presbyopia begins in the mid-40s The gesture of stretching the arm and adjusting the … Read more

Forefront of ‘afternoon tea’ that working moms can enjoy | Domani | Toyo Keizai Online

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Children’s daily lunch box. Because it is a task that cannot be escaped, I want to survive in a way that I do not dislike! I will tell you the points of daily lunch work. Because it’s every day, it’s important to decide on a theme that both you and your child can enjoy! Lunch … Read more