Emmanuel Macron continues his subliminal campaign

Three days before the first round of regional, the Head of State visited the lands of Xavier Bertrand and the RN in Hauts-de-France. Promised, Emmanuel Macron is not in the countryside. But there is still a doubt. Traveling in Hauts-de-France Thursday for the third stage of his Tour de France, the President of the Republic … Read more

Hauts-de-France, Paca, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté … what the latest polls say

Published for France Télévisions and Radio France, a wave of Ipsos polls scrutinizes the situation one week before the election. With just over a week before the regional elections, scheduled for June 20 and 27, the figures are under scrutiny. A wave of Ipsos polls published this Wednesday for France Télévisions and Radio France scrutinized … Read more

Bertrand in the lead, Dupond Moretti is not successful

I’ll start by breaking an idea. That of a necessarily irresistible push of the National Rally, a progression with each ballot or each poll. In the Hauts de France, the RN is down compared to 2015. Of course, there was Marine Le Pen as a candidate and we were after the attacks of November 13. … Read more

“Muselier is a candidate of the presidential majority”

INTERVIEW – The chairman of the nomination committee is expecting a firm reaction from the Republicans on Tuesday towards the outgoing president of the Paca region. Éric Ciotti is deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes. LE FIGARO. – Friday in Marseille, Renaud Muselier unveiled 135 names, including 15 from macronia. Are you still asking the Republicans to … Read more

Benefits of eating dark chocolate during PMS – BALANGANEWS.com

As a woman, menstruation has become a familiar thing. However, the pain you feel and various other symptoms sometimes still interfere with your comfort, even your daily activities. This condition, called PMS, can occur in a short time, but it can take several days. Also, the symptoms are different for each woman. So, one way … Read more