regular captures and legal proceedings

Wandering and animal wandering: the State is launching a reinforced action plan with elected officials Wandering and straying of pets are a significant problem in Reunion. As part of a fight plan, since 2017, nearly 4 million euros from the State have been allocated to the communities in charge of managing this phenomenon around central … Read more

Time change: watch out for unfortunate encounters with wild animals…

21.03.2023 – 08:50 FOUR PAWS – Foundation for Animal Welfare a document 20230321_risks-acc~gement-hourly.pdfPDF – 311 kB Watch out for wild animals on the road during the time change FOUR PAWS provides advice on how to travel safely Zurich, March 21, 2023 – The worldwide animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS warns of an increased risk of … Read more

POL-HRO: vehicle goes up in flames on the BAB 20 / driver and dog …

19.03.2023 – 23:03 Rostock Police Headquarters District of Rostock (ots) Am 19.03.2023 befuhr eine 64-jährige deutsche Fahrzeugführerin auf dem Weg in den Urlaub gegen 18:15 Uhr die BAB 20 in Fahrtrichtung Stettin. Mit ihr im Pkw befand sich ein Hund. Plötzlich bemerkte die Fahrzeugführerin kurz vor dem Parkplatz Lindholz den Leistungsverlust und eine beginnende Rauchentwicklung … Read more

Education is not a winning topic for the FDP

19.03.2023 – 15:49 Straubinger Tagblatt Straubing The Bavarian FDP was the first of the major parties in the state election campaign to present its program – in addition to expected demands such as more flexible shop closing times, promotion of innovation and a smaller state parliament with a focus on education. However, it is questionable … Read more

tenants abandon dogs and cats to their fate

The municipal police of Le Tampon showed up on a property in the Plaine des Cafres this Wednesday morning. Three days earlier, the owner of the premises discovered that his tenants had cleared the floor, leaving their two dogs and their cats on the spot. The dogs were condemned to die of starvation slowly, tied … Read more

GUS Germany GmbH offers scholarships for earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria

15.03.2023 – 11:32 GUS Germany GmbH Berlin (ots) German educational institutions: University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin School of Business and Innovation and GISMA University of Applied Sciences award scholarships to earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria The scholarship covers the entire tuition fees for the start of studies in 2023/24 The aim is … Read more

Missed opportunity: education summit without Citizens Council Education and Learning

15.03.2023 – 16:09 Citizens’ Council for Education and Learning Bonn (ots) When politicians debate crises and their supposed solutions, citizens are usually not asked. Like numerous other civil society groups, the Citizens’ Council for Education and Learning was not invited to the federal government’s education summit. “It’s really a shame,” says Florian Daumüller, a member … Read more

POL-NOM: Animal dodged and crashed

13.03.2023 – 08:51 Northeim Police Station Northeim (ots) Northeim OT Imbshausen, Hauptstraße (Bundesstraße 248), Monday, March 13, 2023, 12:50 a.m IMBSHAUSEN (Wol) – collision with a tree. On Monday at 12:50 a.m., the only person involved in the accident suffered minor injuries to the driver. The 18-year-old Moringer was driving on the main road from … Read more

Press release: Aid to Ukraine for animals in distress – the Protection …

13.03.2023 – 09:00 Swiss animal protection STS a document MM_Ukrainehilfe_F_022023_final.pdfPDF – 151 kB Since the beginning of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Swiss Animal Protection PSA has been committed to the pets of Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland and supports animal protection organizations there. As part of the aid to Ukraine, the PSA was able … Read more

POL-PDNW: Negligent Bodily Injury | press portal

12.03.2023 – 07:24 Police Headquarters Neustadt/Weinstrasse Neustadt/Weinstrasse (ots) On March 10th, 2023 at around 10:00 a.m., the 59-year-old victim went for a walk with her dog in Römerweg. Across the street, a woman was also walking with a dog. This dog broke loose and attacked the victim’s dog. The lady fell through the scramble of … Read more