Rabbit breeder from Erzgebirge builds his own camera system

Rabbit breeder Christian Voigt from Niederwuerschnitz in the Ore Mountains calls his camera system “monitoring center” with which he always keeps an eye on the whelping boxes of his animals. His Big Brother installation consists of a total of twelve cameras and several monitors. Everything I bought and assembled myself, of course. “I then have … Read more

Shot three wolf-dog crossbreeds in the Rhön

Near Zella/Rhön in the Wartburg district, three wolf-dog crossbreeds have been shot in the past few months. According to the Thuringian Ministry of the Environment, the search for the wolf hybrids is now over. First seen a year ago Five wolf-dog hybrids were spotted for the first time last year. According to monitoring in Thuringia, … Read more

Matthias Jügler (“The Abandon”) is the new city clerk of Halle

Above all, however, Jügler wants to work on his current novel, which is supposed to be released in about a year and who also plays in the GDR. It is a topic that drives him: the break 89/90, the SED dictatorship, the entering into the FRG. What did that do with people and how are … Read more

Wolf probably kills herd guard dog in Thuringia

So far, herd protection dogs have prevented attacks by wolves According to information from the Ministry of the Environment, the three missing sheep have not yet been found. In the past, the grazing livestock farmer in Espenfeld had been genetically proven to have killed sheep by wolves on several occasions. Since the use of livestock … Read more

Dresden: 6 concert highlights for March 2023

Soft voice from Austria: Oehl The Viennese band Oehl has many famous fans: for example the rapper Casper, who called Oehl’s song “Keramik” the best song of the year in 2018. And Herbert Grönemeyer, who hired Oehl as the opening act on his stadium tour in 2019 and brought him to his Grönland Records label. … Read more

Thuringia: dog injures child and bites dachshund dead

A dog attacked a dachshund in Bad Berka in the Weimarer Land and fatally injured him. A child who wanted to protect the dachshund was also injured. According to the police, the child and his miniature dachshund ran past a property that was not completely fenced on Saturday afternoon. Ten year old tries to pick … Read more

Education for everyone: Why the Leipzig Natural History Museum relies on free admission

It’s a city order! After all, the houses are financed with tax money and the question arises as to why the citizens should pay twice here, says Leder. In his opinion, it is their job not only to care for the collections in their care, but also to show them, both the holdings and the … Read more

Help for “Zorro”: BUND starts protection campaign for garden dormouse

Dramatic situation in the low mountain range According to project coordinator Anita Giermann, among other things, native bushes and trees are to be planted in a targeted manner, which offer the animal protection and food, but also reconnect suitable habitats. First, a pond is to be uncovered at the edge of a forest in the … Read more

Saxony-Anhalt: The federal government and the EU promote digital education in medium-sized companies

Kröber said the pandemic has shown that digital formats are needed. Employees and small and medium-sized companies in Saxony-Anhalt need good training and further education opportunities. The shortage of skilled workers requires that this area be advanced. According to Martin Kröber, the Halle Chamber of Crafts, the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, the Business Training … Read more