Bogumila Jaksch: How a Polish woman wanted to go to the west and became mayor in the east

When Bogumila Jaksch took the train through Oebisfelde in 1986, she wanted one thing above all: to get on quickly. “It looked like a war. Barbed wire everywhere, soldiers with guns and dogs. Until then, I only knew that from films,” Jaksch said. The Polish woman is on the way to her godfather in Hamm … Read more

How Maaßen, Ullrich, Witt and Treutler are fighting for the South Thuringian constituency

In the previous federal election in 2017, Mark Hauptmann won the direct mandate for the CDU with 33.5 percent in constituency 196. Torsten Harald Ludwig from the AfD came second with 22.8 percent. Steffen Harzer from the Left came third with 18.3 percent, followed by Christoph Zimmermann from the SPD with 13.5 percent. Six other … Read more

How much home office will remain after the pandemic?

The company is called Avilox. She advises on networking and the future of work and sets an example for herself how she imagines optimal working conditions. Employee Konstantin Gerlach explains that it is important to the company that you can work in the environment where you are most productive. And that could perhaps be at … Read more

New Deutschfolk Festival in Jena: concerts, readings and exhibition

The 1st DeutschFolk Festival will take place in and around Jena from 23 to 26 September, focusing on music of regional and traditional origins. On four days of the festival, with a focus on Central German folk music, in addition to concerts, open folk sessions, a dance workshop, three lectures and an accompanying GDR folk … Read more

In autumn and winter: this is how pets can cope with the cold

Cats Cats have a thicker coat in winter and therefore do not need any extra clothing. Make sure that your outdoor cat can go back into the warm at any time. She shouldn’t spend all day outside in the cold. Even overnight, a dry, warm place is better than wandering around on the street. You … Read more

Twice as many school children in Saxony-Anhalt in quarantine as a week ago

Trümper calls for vaccination In a comparison of Germany, Saxony-Anhalt continues to be one of the federal states with the lowest detected infection rate. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 24 new infections were reported on Monday, the 7-day incidence on Monday was 36.4. Nationwide, the value was 71.0. Meanwhile, 62.6 percent of people … Read more

Dresden jazz club “Tonne” starts the festival week for the 40th anniversary

In the past year and a half, the Tonne jazz club in Dresden has by no means been quiet. Due to the pandemic, the majority of the planned concerts had to be canceled, but the time was then used for major renovation measures. If you now enter the vaults under the rebuilt Kurländer Palais, you … Read more

Asylum seekers in Schneeberg protest against the initial reception facility

Early on Sunday afternoon, more than 100 participants held a rally in front of the initial reception facility in Schneeberg. In their speeches, the home residents called for the facility to be closed. It was said to be the worst ever. There is no internet here, no televisions and the residents are not allowed to … Read more

How Angela Merkel changed the CDU

Conscription, nuclear power, same-sex marriage Peter Altmaier, Helge Braun, Volker Kauder and Thomas de Maizière – all men from the CDU who unconditionally supported Merkel’s self-proclaimed “Center Course”: With their help, Merkel shifted the Union programmatically and sacrificed conservative beliefs such as conscription. And the party – often after years of discussion – adapted to … Read more

Techno in Zwickau: experience subculture in the artificial plantation

The Saxon city of Zwickau does not have the best reputation. For years the members of the NSU lived here undiscovered and only recently the right-wing extremist party Der III. Gone are the headlines with their election posters calling for violence against the Green Party. Many residents of Zwickau are rightly dissatisfied with the way … Read more