From SEVENTEEN to ENHYPEN, HYBE artists will hold a joint concert on December 31st! Justin Bieber as a guest-Kstyle

Photo = HYBE Global Music Festival “2022 Weverse Con” [New Era]Will be held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province on December 31st, and will be streamed online. On the 7th, HYBE announced “2022 Weverse Con” through the global fan commerce platform Weverse Shop.[New Era]Was announced. “Weverse Con” is a global music festival where artists and … Read more

Participated in “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” concert by GRAY & Zion.T and others … Announced the lineup of performers

Photo = “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” poster The “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” concert announced the lineup of performers. The Mnet “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” concert will be held at the Olympic Park KSPO DOME on the 11th and 12th of this month. “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” will be performed by producers … Read more

BTS (BTS) successfully completes LA concert … 810,000 fans are enthusiastic! Expectations for the Seoul performance to be held in March next year –Kstyle

Photo = BIGHIT MUSIC BTS (BTS) performed “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE-LA” at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, USA from November 27th to 28th and December 1st to 2nd (local time) with great success. finished. This concert was held by BTS in Seoul in 2019 “2019 BTS WORLD TOUR” LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF “[THE … Read more

BTS (BTS), fans’ long-awaited soul concert is decided! Scheduled to be held in March 2022 –Kstyle

Photo = BIGHIT MUSIC Top Boys Group BTS (BTS) will hold a concert in Seoul. Today (3rd), BIGHIT MUSIC posted a short video with the comment “See you in Seoul, MARCH 2022” on BTS’s official Twitter account. It seems that it is a notice that a concert will be held in Seoul in March. On … Read more

“For a concert of 1600 people infected with Omicron strain” Denmark Super Emergency | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

Ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2021.12.02 08:11 It has been revealed that people infected with the Omicron strain participated in a large concert in Denmark where 1,600 people gathered. Danish health officials said the Danish health officials attended a large concert in Aalborg, northern Denmark, on the 27th of last month, Reuters reported … Read more

Succeeded in shooting animal bone-sucking pandas in Shaanxi-China

Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. (1/4 sheet) Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. It is true that pandas eat bamboo as their staple food, but sometimes they also eat “feasts” such as meat. [Other photos] On November 27, when the Buddhist National Nature Reserve … Read more

iKON commemorates the first film concert! LIVE album released on December 24th for delivery only –Kstyle

IKON is a boy group belonging to YG ENTERTAINMENT, which has many global artists such as BIGBANG and BLACKPINK. In commemoration of his first film concert “iKON FILM CONCERT TOUR 2021” starting from December 5th (Sunday), the LIVE album “iKON YEAR END LIVE 2019” will be released on December 24th (Friday). It was announced that … Read more

Wanna One-born Kim Jae Hwan releases 4th mini-album on December 27th … New song premiered at solo concert –Kstyle

Photo = SWING Entertainment Kim Jae Hwan from Wanna One will release a new album following the concert in December. On December 1st, SWING Entertainment said, “Kim Jae Hwan will release the 4th mini album on the 27th. The title song and new song stage of this album will be the first in the solo … Read more

EXID Solji cancels his first solo concert … Apologize to fans by handwritten letter “Let’s meet” –Kstyle

Photo = Newsen DB EXID’s Solji apologized to fans for canceling their first solo concert. On the 29th, she posted a handwritten letter on her Instagram with the words “Waiting for a better day.” In a handwritten letter, Solji apologized to the fans, saying, “The cancellation of this’Solji’s first solo concert’has disappointed all the people … Read more

Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve where herders and wildlife coexist-China

Even though it’s only been a month since Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai was officially nominated as a national park, its fame is already widely known. (1/18 sheets) Sanjiangyuan National Park (Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve) in Qinghai Province has been widely known for its fame, even though it has only been a month since it … Read more