Also wear Park Jin Young (JY Park)! “LE METEQUE” Park Seong-il designer talks about his goals “If G-DRAGON is active …” –Kstyle

Photo = “LE METEQUE” JYP’s representative Park Jin Young recently appeared on the cover of the global fashion magazine “HIGHSNOBIETY JAPAN”. The costume he wore in the gravure was the silk jacquard suit designed by Park Seong-il of “LE METEQUE”. In an interview with My Daily, designer Park Seong-il said, “I was a hot-blooded fan … Read more

BLACKPINK’s first live stream concert “THE SHOW” will be rehearsed on January 30th –Kstyle

Photo = YG ENTERTAINMENT BLACKPINK will present a special experience for BLINK (BLACKPINK fans) around the world ahead of the first live stream concert “THE SHOW”. On the 22nd, BLACKPINK’s official SNS posted a notice related to “Rehearsal Event”, which is a privilege to join the membership of “BLACKPINK: THE SHOW” channel. According to the … Read more

Miss A Suzy, 10th Anniversary Online Performance “Suzy: A Tempo” Concept Photo Released –Kstyle

Photo = kakaoM Suzy from miss A, who is about to make a fan concert to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his debut, showed off a variety of concept photos that incorporate a goddess-like beauty. Kakao M foretold her infinite charm through concept photos of various atmospheres such as cool, lovely, and cute, ahead of … Read more

BLACKPINK announces the joining of bands collaborated on the world tour at the live stream concert “THE SHOW” … Various contents announced –Kstyle

Photo = YG ENTERTAINMENT The bands who participated in BLACKPINK’s “2019-2020 World Tour” joined the live stream concert “THE SHOW”. On January 12, BLACKPINK’s official SNS posted a notice regarding membership of the “BLACKPINK: THE SHOW” channel. Here, the contents of behind content for PLUS membership registrants, which fans have been interested in until now, … Read more

Aim Korea “BTS” Japanese singer goes abroad via internet | NIKKEI STYLE

Arashi and Perfume who appeared in “Spotify presents Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020”. The live event lasted about 3 hours (Photo / THINGS. Photo courtesy / Spotify Japan) Like the Korean hip-hop group BTS (BTS), which has been selected as a candidate for the US Grammy Awards and has become a hot topic, I want … Read more

Japanese singer Nan Masato died suddenly while performing at a concert, and the details of his death are disclosed | Real News and Commentary Jun Tian

According to Japanese media reports, the famous Japanese folk singer Nan Zhengren died suddenly on the concert stage on January 7 at the age of 76. According to reports, on the evening of the 7th, Nan Zhengren suddenly lost consciousness on stage while attending a concert in Kanagawa, Japan, and was rushed to the hospital. … Read more

Park Yoochun to hold online concert “2021 PARK YU CHUN Valentine’s CONCERT” on February 14th

The long-awaited online concert “2021 PARK YU CHUN Valentine’s CONCERT” by K-POP legend Park Yoochun will be held on February 14, 2021. Recently, active charitable activities such as donating the proceeds of the online fan meeting held in July last year to the victims of the flood in the Kyushu region and volunteering in Thailand, … Read more

DAY6 (Even of Day), online concert “The Arcane Salon” will be held on January 24th

Photo = JYP Entertainment DAY6 (Even of Day) will hold an online concert on January 24th. JYP Entertainment, to which DAY6 belongs, announced today (5th) that “DAY6 (Even of Day) Online Party Night ” will be held through the official SNS of DAY6. According to this news, DAY6 will broadcast the concert live through NAVER’s … Read more

EXO Baekhyun’s first solo concert is held online today! Expectations for a fantastic stage-Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment EXO’s Baekhyun will hold his first solo concert through “Beyond LIVE”. Today (3rd) at 3:00 pm, “Beyond LIVE –BAEKHYUN: LIGHT”, which will be released through the “Beyond LIVE” channel of NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, is a variety of Baekhyun who is also active as a solo singer. You … Read more

“2 days left” from TVXQ to SuperM! Announcing the song “SMTOWN LIVE” … Expectations for a gorgeous stage –Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment On January 1st next year, the online concert “SMTOWN LIVE” will be held worldwide for free. “SMTOWN LIVE” Culture Humanity “” will be available from 1:00 pm (Korean time standard) on January 1, 2021, including the “Beyond LIVE” channel of NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. … Read more