Siberia or Europe: where does the dog originally come from?

The genome of modern dogs contains the remnants of two different wolf genomes. This is the conclusion reached by a team led by Pontus Skoglund and Anders Bergström from the Francis Crick Institute in London, who sequenced the genomes of 66 wolves over the past 100,000 years for their analysis. The team compared this data, … Read more

Sanctions made it difficult to catch stray dogs in Kamchatka

The absence of a foreign-made tranquilizer made it difficult to catch stray dogs in Kamchatka, the head of the Ust-Kamchatsky region, Oleg Bondarenko, said on his telegram channel. According to Bondarenko, the problem was reported by the head of the regional service for catching stray animals. He explained that specialists do not have humane ways … Read more

A driver tried to avoid a dog on the road, collided with a car and a woman died

In a tragic and shocking episode, a driver tried to dodge a dogHe crossed the lane and collided with another car. As a result of the impact, the woman who accompanied him died. The incident occurred on Tuesday morning near the town of Villa Giardino, in Córdoba. The 28-year-old victim She was traveling in a … Read more

The course for obtaining the “Special Dog License” is starting

From Friday 1 July the training course for the mandatory achievement of the “Special Dog License “ provided for in the current Regulations for the welfare and protection of animals for the owners and handlers of dogs belonging to the breeds referred to in Annex 1 of the Regulations. These include: American Bulldog, Charplanina Sheepdog, … Read more

Animal Expo in Río Gallegos: more than 100 castrations in one weekend

The Rural Society of Río Gallegos hosted last weekend the 2nd Animal Expo organized by the Department of Animal Control and Veterinary Medicine of the Municipality. The furry ones from home met at the Animal Expo. Photo: Leandro Franco/La Opinion Austral Families with their dogs and cats came to access the free patenting, vaccination (anti-rabies, … Read more

Animal Welfare seizes dogs in condition of abuse in Puebla

Apolonia Your Father Puebla / 26.06.2022 18:39:00 The Animal Welfare Institute of the State of Puebla carried out a procedure to seize dogs that were in a condition of abuse, the case was reported by the Tack Association, who gave support so that the case file was formed. Patricia Aguilar Delgado, representative of the Association, … Read more