“Handle it by yourself”: in occupied Crimea, rescuers refused to support a girl accumulate mercury spilled in her apartment

A instead interesting information was posted on the forums of briefly occupied Sevastopol. A nearby resident accidentally broke a mercury thermometer in her apartment. Being familiar with the hazard of the problem, she tried not only to gather the harmful metallic, but also to call some company that would have out the demercurization of the … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A bill on a unified standard of school education is being considered in Russia

Photo: © smolensk.er.ru Community In Russia, in the first reading, they adopted a bill on a single standard of education for all schools in the country. The bill, developed with the support of the United Russia party, will introduce a common list of educational programs developed by the Ministry of Education. “For an elementary school, … Read more

Dmitry Peskov called Philip Kirkorov’s concerts in Crimea an abomination

Actor and State Duma deputy Dmitry Pevtsov criticized the organization of Philip Kirkorov’s concerts in Crimea. On July 26, the singer will perform in Feodosia, and on July 27 – in Yalta. Pevtsov noted that Russian citizens do not need Kirkorov’s concerts. “I put my signature along with hundreds of people in Yalta. I completely … Read more

Singer Philip Kirkorov invited wounded soldiers to concerts in Crimea

Alexander Pavlovich Baranov The strengthening of the ruble is pushing the Central Bank to reduce the key rate to 12-13%, The head of VTB Andrey Kostin spoke about the forecasts of the bank’s analysts during a business dialogue with clients. He also suggested further strengthening of the ruble and an increase in inflation to 22% … Read more

Kirkorov invited the participants of the special operation to his concerts in the Crimea

Philip Kirkorov arranges two concerts in the Crimea, where he invites the participants of the special operation, who were injured and are improving their health. As part of the video message, the artist said that everyone now needs to unite. Image taken from: Philip Kirkorov’s social networks Initially, Kirkorov did not express his position, and … Read more