“Education and digitization belong together”

23.03.2023 Consequences of the “MTK Zwanzig30” concept presented at the information evening According to District Administrator Michael Cyriax, the Main-Taunus district is continuing to develop its range of education and care with innovative projects and investments in the millions. At an information and discussion evening in the district office, he and district councilor Axel Fink … Read more

How can I relieve my dog ​​from heat stroke? – The Sun of Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Dogos, Labradors, Goldens or Creoles, among other dog breeds, can suffer from heat stroke with the arrival of summer, but do you know how to detect it? Did you know that it is not good to put wet cloths on them? The veterinarian, Iván Juárez … Read more

Chihuahua: origin, history, behavior and characteristics of the smallest dog in the world

Written in SHOWS he 19/3/2023 · 23:14 hs The origin of the Chihuahuas dates back to the 9th century, at that time the ancient Toltecs domesticated a breed of dog known as techichi and it is said that chihuahuas dogs descend from that breed. Their name is due to the name of the region of … Read more

Baltic Sea: Nobel pension for dogs in Hohwacht – with rules of conduct

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Vienna bat quarters: best care for weak animals – animals national

Von . – 20.02.2023 10:56 (Akt. 20.02.2023 18:51) In Vienna’s bat quarters, weak animals are nursed back to health. ©pixabay.com (icon image) Animals that are too weak or don’t have a place to sleep are cared for in Vienna’s bat quarters. Not all bats can sleep through the night, as the Vienna Today video says. … Read more

Vologda Tatyanas were congratulated today at the Care center with a big festive concert

The program “Tatiana’s Day” was held today at the Cultural and Leisure Center “Care” on the street. M. Ulyanova, d. 6. The laureate of all-Russian competitions Sokolchanka Tatyana Bilkova performed for the Vologda residents together with her Russian song ensemble “Gorenka”. Tatyana Bilkova is a “silver” volunteer – she works with the team at the … Read more

New law is intended to combat the shortage of general practitioners in Thuringia

Thuringia wants to combat the shortage of general practitioners with a new admission procedure for medical studies. A draft law being discussed in the cabinet provides that preference will be given to applicants who commit to working as a family doctor in a Thuringian region where there is a need for ten years after completing … Read more

Momoyouai held a charity sale to help homeless fur kids have a good New Year | Caring | Animals

[The Epoch Times, January 13, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Huang Yuyu, Yilan, Taiwan) The 2023 Chinese New Year is approaching, and on the occasion of welcoming the new year, the independent bookstore “Momo Bookstore” with the theme of caring for stray animals will be held[Silent Love, Waves and Flying Love]Spring Festival couplets and merchandise … Read more

That’s why animals aren’t Christmas gifts

Year after year, animal welfare associations issue an urgent appeal not to give animals away at Christmas. The animal shelters are already full. Super cute, super bow – bad present. It’s better not to give pets away at Christmas. – Ina Fassbender/dpa-tmn Ad the essentials in brief Animals don’t belong under the Christmas tree as … Read more