who would adopt three-year-old Pako?

Pako was unlucky in the early years of his life and details of his past remain unclear. He landed on April 30 at the SPA refuge in Strasbourg, which took good care of him and cheered him up. Due to a health problem, his right hind leg had to be amputated. Despite his handicap, Pako is very agile and manages like a leader with his three remaining legs.

With 40 cm at the withers, Pako is a medium-sized dog of a common mastiff crossbreed, very easy to live with on a daily basis. He is playful and cuddly, sociable with his congeners, friendly with humans. Very curious, he likes to keep up to date with everything and see what is happening outside. This cheerful dog greatly enjoys walks, games and cuddles on the sofa. He has unfailing morale and is always moving forward. Optimistic and always in a good mood, Pako has a lot of love to offer you and will communicate his joie de vivre to you.

To make it easier for him, a house without stairs to climb would be a plus and Pako would also enjoy enjoying a garden, a yard or a small outdoor space.

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To meet Pako and adopt him, please contact the Strasbourg SPA shelter, 7 rue de l’Entenloch in Strasbourg-Cronenbourg, 03 88 34 67 67, accueil@spa-strasbourg.org

Pako is vaccinated and identified by microchip. Bring proof of address less than three months old.

Any adoption must be a well-considered act and not just a whim. It lasts a lifetime. You have to think of the food and veterinary costs that such a commitment generates, but also of the mode of care during your holidays or long trips.


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