Strauss from the city forest in Krefeld poses a riddle

September 15, 2021 at 5:15 am Animal discovery in Krefeld : Strauss from the city forest poses a riddle The ostrich boy is doing well in the shelter; it is trusting. Also in the photo: Mona Schellscheidt, deputy director of the animal shelter Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld There is no trace of where the … Read more

Cheetah jumps into vehicle; Young woman taking selfie! (Video)

വAnimals, however, are interesting to us, but we do not have the courage to stand by them. If animals are in their natural habitat, we can never predict how they will behave. Then what about taking selfies with them. That too with a cheetah. Such a video has now gone viral. This stunning view is … Read more

Researchers complete first-ever detailed map of global coral

Researchers have completed a comprehensive online map of the world’s coral reefs by using more than 2 million satellite images By CALEB JONES Associated Press September 9, 2021, 1:30 AM • 4 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article HONOLULU — Researchers have completed a comprehensive online map of the world’s coral reefs … Read more

Free running dog kills female deer

July 15, 2021 at 11:20 am Despite appeal to dog owners : Dog running free kills deer in Neersen Nabu, Kreisjägerschaft and the city of Willich recently put up signs appealing to dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash. Photo: Norbert Prümen slump A dead doe is the sad result of a dog … Read more

Animals – Mice and Great Apes: Animals and the Corona Risk – Society

Berlin (dpa) – Corona? At least in the summer in Germany, the numbers had been falling for a long time. But science is concerned not only with human patients, but also with those from the animal kingdom. Are we threatening to infect endangered species? Is the virus spreading unnoticed among mice? Can it mutate in … Read more

Bavaria: How do we see the wolf? – Bavaria

Near the village of Neufraunhofen (Landshut district), on the edge of a forest, stands the old wolf pillar, very lonely. It recalls a terrible event that happened at that point more than 300 years ago. An inscription describes the drama in rhyming form: “Lurte in this place here / a wolf, a ferociously wild animal … Read more

83 fawns and 16 brown hares rescued in Radevormwald

June 28, 2021 at 4:45 p.m. Animals in need in Radevormwald : 83 fawns and 16 brown hares rescued Mayor Johannes Mans and hunter Wilfried Loh follow the thermal imaging camera on a second screen. Photo: Flora Driver Radevormwald Towns, farmers, hunters and conservationists want to save fawns from certain death by mowing – with … Read more

Animal of the month: Red is looking for people with dog experience

In cooperation with the Strubeli animal shelter, we are introducing Red, our animal of the month. The fearful male wants a quiet home with a run. Our animal of the month is currently at home at the Strubeli animal shelter in Hegnau. – Strubeli animal shelter Ad Red comes from southern Italy and was hoping … Read more

Predators rolled up toxic [4963436]

4963436 Predators rolled up toxic [4963436] The photos and illustrations of are images that include predators, curls, and poisons. The price of this material is 11,000 yen to 38,500 yen. With free membership registration, you can use convenient functions such as downloading sample data and light boxes. Add to lightbox Download comp data printing Works … Read more