“Die Höhle der Löwen” anniversary: ​​The lions donate 40,000 euros for THIS flip book! – TV

In the 100th episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen”, investors spent money for the first time without receiving shares in a company! The reason for this was the founders of “talking hands” from Frankfurt, Maria Möller (27) and Laura Mohn (27). The two young women have developed flip books with which all children can learn … Read more

Keiko Fujimori: Spanish extreme right party Vox seeks to recruit Peruvians after rapprochement with leader of Fuerza Popular | | Politics

The far-right Spanish political party Vox is trying to get more Peruvians to join its ideology. For this, it has launched a web page in which invites people residing in Peru to “affiliate” or “collaborate” with them. Previously, Vox has visited our country to hold a meeting with Keiko Fujimori and Fuerza Popular. He has … Read more

Audrey attacks other dogs while walking!

60 kg are unstoppable Audrey almost looks dead when she’s on the couch at home. That changes suddenly when she meets conspecifics while going for a walk: twice such an encounter has ended with a bite injury for the other dog. Can you get help from “Der Hundeprofi – Rütters Team”? .

“Remorse” Experiment – Episode 3: Too Much for Hardy Krüger Jr. – Actor to Vegetarian

Updated September 22, 2021, 10:51 a.m. Family father Wolfgang Ehmann prefers to eat a second portion from the grill instead of salad. Will that change just because he takes in a few chickens for four weeks? You really don’t want to take that away from the VOX show “Remorse? The meat experiment”. A criticism from … Read more

VOX calls for the immediate suspension of the ‘Guadapop’ concerts | NewAlcarria

The Municipal Group VOX in the Guadalajara City Council has requested the immediate suspension of the three concerts to be held on September 3, 4 and 7 in the Plaza de Toros de ‘Las Cruces’ in the capital, corresponding to the ‘Guadapop’, if The Government team does not clarify whether the three musical shows comply … Read more

Vox requests that “the bulls and concerts” return to the Buenavista square

On the left, Cristina Coto, Sara Álvarez Rouco and Sofía Fernández-Peña speak with the neighbor María Dolores Fernández. The Vox spokesperson in the Oviedo City Council, Cristina Coto, wants the bullfights to return to the capital and that the rehabilitation of the Buenavista square be carried out in such a way that the equipment does … Read more

“Grill den Henssler”: Reiner Calmund makes a “slip of the tongue”

Updated May 17, 2021, 8:42 am Blood and tears of laughter flowed at the 102nd show of “Grill den Henssler” (VOX). Fortunately, both the cut and the attack on the diaphragm were barely survived. So a successful evening. And there was also a winner. © 1 & 1 Mail & Media / teleschau This is … Read more

DJ BoBo desperate at Nura’s lyrics – and asks his kids

“Sing My Song” star in need The third night swap of “Sing my Song” is all about rapper Nura. DJ BoBo chose the song “On Fleek”, but there is a problem: the Swiss show icon doesn’t understand the lyrics. Only one thing helps: he has to ask his kids! Which terms DJ BoBo did not … Read more