Tomsk schools have connected to a single electronic magazine “Network City” “

Tomsk schools this year have connected to a single electronic magazine “Network City”. As explained to the correspondent of the Internet edition “Vesti-Tomsk” in the department of general education of the region, this electronic journal allows you to accumulate the schedule, homework, educational courses, marks in one place. At the same time, it is specified … Read more

Side table Animal Golden Bear 35×34 | Side tables | Coffee tables & side tables | Living room & living room | Furniture

This friendly roommate has everything under control: reliably as a bedside table your favorite reading, next to the sofa a glass of white wine in the evening or at the front door utensils such as keys, cell phone or lipstick. A real gold coin, this bear. Sturdy side table in polyresin gold, lacquered Stable and … Read more

The map will lead to the theater

The federal project “Pushkinskaya Karta”, initiated by Vladimir Putin, was launched all over Russia on September 1. It was joined by 17 theater and concert organizations of Bashkortostan and 4 museums with branches. The target audience of the project is 350 thousand people, about the same number of young people from 14 to 22 years … Read more

Gref warned of a sharp drop in Russians’ incomes due to the global energy transition

The fall in the volume of real disposable income of Russians may reach 14% due to the movement of countries towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, said during the session “Is Russia ready for a global ESG transformation?” within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German … Read more

Acceleration of Vaccination Supported by “Cold Chain” Distribution Channels to 34 Provinces – The government continues to make efforts to accelerate vaccination and emphasize to the public that all Covid-19 vaccines are effective and safe. In line with this, on August 23, 2021, Indonesia received the arrival of the 42nd phase of the vaccine, which is 5 million doses of vaccine, which will be produced by … Read more

GPE Global Summit in London: World leaders urged to invest around CFAF 3 trillion in education

Professor Mariatou Koné, Minister of National Education and Literacy took part in the Education Partners Group (GPE) Global Summit on Education, which was held on July 28-29 in London . The Minister’s participation in this summit, which aimed to re-mobilize GPE members with a view to replenishing funds for the benefit of the school, made … Read more

3 Types Of Fertilizer Spreaders ???????? Home Improvement Tips. Make Your Own Hands

There are 3 basic types of fertilizer spreaders: the rotary or diffuser, the drop and the liquid or sprinkler spreader. Depending on your broadcast needs, each of these types of separators has its advantages. TIP: Our expert gardening consultant Susan Patterson suggests: “Always test your soil before beginning a fertilizer program. There are 3 basic … Read more

Inclusion for dogs, exclusion for people

What protects some of us? Is the regulation complied with?I am 65 years old and since my childhood I have suffered from the whipping of dogs by their owners.In childhood, in youth and now in old age I see that you cannot take a step without having a dog by your side: in the store, … Read more

Vetlando Kokolaurin Anti-Tick & Flea Collar Dog

Vetlando Kokolaurin Tick & Flea Collar for Dogs With herbal ingredients Effective for up to 4 months The Kokolaurin Tick & Flea Collar is PVC and phthalate free and is made with magosa extract and lavender oil, which repel insects. It protects against parasite infestation. Your dog is protected for up to 4 months. Sizes:S … Read more

Of the national budget, the highest allocation is for education – Education – Life

Of the $ 350.4 billion that the General Budget of the Nation By 2022, according to the project that the Ministry of Finance established in the Congress of the Republic, the education sector will have $ 49.3 billion, thus being one of the sectors that will receive more resources. According to the Minister of Finance, … Read more