Smolenskaya Gazeta – Alexei Ostrovsky explained his words about the ban on concerts in the Smolensk region during the special operation

Photo: © news Governor Alexei Ostrovsky on his page on social networks said that he did not even imagine that his words about the ban on concerts during yesterday’s live broadcast with the residents of the Temkinsky district would be taken so literally. “In fact, I see that in connection with this, children’s matinees … Read more

Speech by the President of the Republic HE Mr. Mohamed Bazoum during the high-level meeting on the theme “Transforming education in Africa: past, present, future”

Ladies and Gentlemen Heads of State and Government, Mr Secretary General of the United Nations, Madam Director-General of UNESCO, Madam Executive Director of UNICEF, Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of development partners, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and gentlemen, Allow me first of all to salute the commitment of Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A bill on a unified standard of school education is being considered in Russia

Photo: © Community In Russia, in the first reading, they adopted a bill on a single standard of education for all schools in the country. The bill, developed with the support of the United Russia party, will introduce a common list of educational programs developed by the Ministry of Education. “For an elementary school, … Read more

The refuge “Le Rêve d’Aby”, in Gembloux, denounces alarming figures concerning animal abuse: “It does not stop anymore”

Published on Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 10:10 a.m. Par Agnes Demaret At Rêve d’Aby, we keep rolling up our sleeves. The shelter’s number of animal rescues reached record highs last month. Sophie Locatelli hardly knows where to turn. Last August, the number of rescues in which she participated with her shelter for farm animals … Read more

budgetary education abroad for Kazakhstanis – Forbes Kazakhstan

PHOTO: archive of the press service In addition to China and Russia, in the list of popular countries for education, Kazakhstanis named the UK, the USA and Switzerland. Despite the growth of educational migration, education abroad has its drawbacks – a high price tag for education, in addition, a significant expense item is most often … Read more

The concerts of Malinin and Semenovich were canceled due to the high cost of tickets

Concerts of Alexander Malinin and Anna Semenovich, which were to be held in August in the southern regions of the country, were canceled. It turned out that the whole point is the high cost of tickets for celebrity performances. Image taken from: social networks of Anna Semenovich Concerts of Anna Semenovich and Alexander Malinin in … Read more

Concerts, dance and sports master classes will be held on the Central Embankment of Volgograd on the weekend

Culture Anna Gerasimova August 27, 2022, 08:15 33 Photo: press service of the Volgograd administration This weekend on the Central Embankment of Volgograd there will be a concert of a brass band, a dance evening and master classes from professional athletes. All events traditionally begin in the evening, at 18:00. According to the press service … Read more

Natasha Koroleva’s mother supported Tarzan’s insults at a concert in Miami

Singer Iryna Bilyk is currently giving concerts in the USA in support of Ukraine. Lyudmila Poryvay came to her performance in Miami, throwing a Ukrainian flag on her shoulders. During the performance, Bilyk pulled Natasha Koroleva’s mother onto the stage, waving a blue and yellow flag and shouting nationalist slogans. Poryvai later shared the video … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Olga Maslova: I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood!

Education Mathematics teacher at the Elninsk Secondary School No. K.I. Rakutin Olga MASLOVA – a participant in the regional professional competition “Teacher of the Year” – 2022 will be remembered for a long time. She has been working at the school for only five years and has already earned the high title of laureate. “This … Read more

Concluded a cooperation agreement with the Takatsuki City Board of Education | Senri Kinran University

2022.07.01 Concluded a cooperation agreement with the Takatsuki City Board of Education On June 29, 2022, the Takatsuki City Board of Education and Senri Kinran University will cooperate and cooperate with each other to provide diverse learning opportunities rooted in the community through human and intellectual exchanges between schools and universities. At the same time, … Read more