new regional wellness content platform

In the middle of the global pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and the confinement carried out, one of the most positive changes that occurred occurred in people’s perception of their well-being. This is particularly due to issues such as nutrition and fitness. But there are also clear trends in mental health. Individuals, social networks and even … Read more

DKS incorporates an expert in Digital Marketing into its team

The company added the incorporation of Lucas Salomón as its new Digital Director, with more than 12 years in the industry DKS, the comprehensive mobile agency with more than six years of leadership in the universe ofl marketing digital, continues its expansion process: to the recent move of offices to the Belgrano neighborhood in order … Read more

the easiest and cheapest recipes

It is one of the cakes that is never lacking in a meeting and that most represents Argentines, ideal to accompany mate or an afternoon with friends. There are very Argentine foods that are never lacking in a weekend gathering or gathering between friends and family. One of them is pasta frola. It is a … Read more

Bitcoin and taxes: Cryptocurrencies can generate taxable profits

Massive evaluation of bitcoin et al. by the end of 2020, it means that its holders have to deal with the issue of taxes. Theoretically, even those who bought bitcoin at practically the most inopportune time in December 2017 already made a taxable profit last year. Cryptocurrencies are not a completely new phenomenon, bitcoin has … Read more

this is the perfect RECIPE

Making yogurt at home is much easier and faster than you thought, plus it will help you save on the purchase of these products 2020 left us new habits that will surely stay with us for much longer. One of them is spending more time than we used to kitchen room, and do with our … Read more

10 MOVIES ADULTS can’t stop watching

Superheroes are one of the most remembered characters in cinema, and although it may seem somewhat childish, their world can conquer all generations If you thought that Superheros They were boy things, we want to tell you that you are very wrong. Throughout the years there were fantastic characters from the cinema, which undoubtedly left … Read more

the recipe for BEGINNERS in the kitchen

The rain seems to have come to stay a few more days and the weather invites you to eat something sweet, very tasty and, above all, easy to prepare The cool, cloudy and rainy weather invites you to stay indoors, which can possibly get a bit boring. Therefore, to entertain you and have a better … Read more

Details of “Benefit-type scholarships affected by the third wave of the new coronavirus” | What’s New | Bit Toyama College of Business and Information Technology

2021/02/10 Notice from our school For examinees All majors Urayama Gakuen Toyama College of Welfare / Toyama College of Business and Information Technology Benefit-type scholarship due to the impact of the third wave of new coronavirus infection 1. Purpose We support those who are motivated to study but have difficulty in going on to higher … Read more

an easy RECIPE to make at HOME

Medialunas are a classic that is always present in Argentine afternoons, so it is ideal to learn how to make them at home with this recipe In 2020 he stopped the habit of cooking much more at home. A classic of the quarantine were the homemade butter croissants, but as the word “classic” says, these … Read more

U.S. Senate Passes Budget Resolution on Corona Relief Bill Allowed by Ruling Party Alone | Reuters

On the 5th, the US Senate passed a budget resolution to implement the $ 1.9 trillion new coronavirus rescue bill launched by President Biden. Photo taken in front of the Washington Parliament in December 2018 (2021 Reuters / Yuri Gripas) [Washington, 5th Reuters]–The US Senate passed a budget resolution on the 5th to realize the … Read more