Issue # 5 Milena & Undergraduate with Fellowship in USA by How to Apply? • A podcast on Anchor

The fourth episode of the podcast “What to do?” – a compact and informative talk with Ulyana, a scholar of the Swedish VISBY program (now SISGP); it will serve as an excellent guide for everyone who wants to study in Sweden for free, and for those who are not yet familiar with it – be … Read more

Microsoft buys Nuance for a huge amount of 2.16 trillion yen and pushes into the medical field | TechCrunch Japan

I was informed that Microsoft had acquired Nuance Communications for $ 19.7 billion on the morning of April 12, and I saw this number twice in the morning. Even if you do, it’s not impossible. It’s certainly huge for a $ 14 billion run rate company, but Microsoft, which has already partnered with the company, … Read more

Cell Culture Startup “Integriculture” Utilizes Cultured Meat Technology to Develop World’s First Skin Care Cosmetic Ingredients | TechCrunch Japan

On April 7, cell culture startup Integriculture developed the skin care cosmetic ingredient “CELLAMENT” and set up a mass production system. Announced that it has started business talks. Cerament uses highly safe eggs (domestic) that are also used in vaccine production as raw materials, and is the world’s first raw material for cosmetics in the … Read more

Stanford University and Duke University Participate in Certification Program to Promote Diversity Education for Investors and Business Executives | TechCrunch Japan

Kenan Flagler Entrepreneurship Center, Opportunity Hub (OHUB), 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund (OHUB), University of North Carolina, with the aim of fostering and supporting the founders of diverse companies in the tech industry. The partnership formed by the One-Handed Red Black Angels and Arise) fund has been joined by strong partners, Duke University and … Read more

An ecosystem to drive the development of personalized and precision medicine

Related news Personalization and precision. These are the two challenges to be pursued when applying different technologies and betting on digitization in all health sectors. “The confluence of new technologies such as internet of things [IoT por sus siglas en inglés], artificial intelligence, data analysis or connectivity 5G is driving the digitization of the health … Read more

Ajinomoto Develops Beta Version of Automatic Menu Proposal AI App “Kachihan AI” for General Athletes and Club Students, Starts Limited User Test | TechCrunch Japan

On March 31, Ajinomoto developed a beta version of the menu proposal AI app for athletes, “Victory Project Registered Dietitian Supervised Winning Rice AI,” and started user testing. While confirming the acceptability of the concept through limited user tests, the company plans to create and propose value to consumers in a wider variety of fields … Read more

Pussy Riot, a band that uses NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for feminists, shows the power of “cypherpunk” | TechCrunch Japan

Nowadays, everyone seems to be selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a founding member of Pussy Riot, said Hype. He is one of the few who has a strategy that goes beyond the cycle. “I’ve been using cryptocurrencies before that,” Trokonnikova told TechCrunch, noting that Pussy Riot members had been interested in blockchain technology … Read more

“Q-LEAP Quantum Technology Education Program” Official Website Released for “Quantum Native” Development | TechCrunch Japan

The “Q-LEAP Quantum Technology Education (QEd) Program” released its official website on March 25th. The site is a research and development program “Optical / Quantum” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology that aims at discontinuous solutions (Quantum leap) by making full use of quantum science and technology (optical / quantum technology) … Read more

5. Girls Want Money (Student Earnings, Scholarship & Savings) by Girls Talk • A podcast on Anchor

The fifth episode of the Girls Talk podcast is about money. What are we living on now? At what age do you need to start working? And how to save up for a dream? We will discuss all this from different points of view. Listen to the podcast “Groundhog Everyday” You can read about … Read more

SMARTUP grants to companies run by IT students

pts20210312014 Technology / digitization, company / economy With great ideas from studying into the startup scene St. Pölten (pts014/12.03.2021/11:05) – The St. Pölten startup and innovation initiative SMARTUP recently awarded its scholarships again. 8 teams and young companies submitted their innovative concepts related to St. Pölten and declared their added value for the innovative strength … Read more