Harvard Explains How To Raise Your Children – Education – Life

The crianza of children can be a challenge for many parents. For this reason, the University of Harvard provides several tips for teaching little ones values ​​like gratitude, bravery, and empathy. (You can read: Food quota: in which cases can it be requested and what happens if it is not fulfilled) These recommendations are within … Read more

Marcelo de Bellis spoke for the first time after the Erica Rivas scandal with “Casados ​​con Hijos”

For the first time, Marcelo de Bellis referred to the scandal that was generated at the beginning of 2020 after the statements of Érica Rivas, who assured that she had been “cast” from the theatrical version of “Married with kids” due to her feminist ideology. The actor broke the silence in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen … Read more

Nik counterattacked a journalist who defended Aníbal Fernández

The journalist Pablo Duggan spoke in favor of the Minister of Security and attacked the cartoonist. Cristian Dzwonik came out to defend himself The controversy over the crosses on Twitter between Alberto Fernandez and the cartoonist I It does not stop growing. This Wednesday, the journalist was also involved in the issue Pablo Duggan, from … Read more

Elizabeth Álvarez says she does not buy toys for her children

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 02.10.2021 14:12:50 Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez at every opportunity publish on Instagram the family they have formed, which is made up of her twins León and Máxima, who are five years old. Although the actors spoil their little ones, the truth is that they also tThey have a somewhat … Read more

An education for your children to learn languages

Liceo Francés International de Palma, an educational center with the best language teaching French Lyceum For more than fifty years, the Palma International French Lyceum proposes, one education from quality, European and open to the world. The educational center is part of the international network of the French secular mission, a non-profit association created in … Read more

Ancestral spider cared for its offspring for 99 million years: they were trapped in amber | Technology

This news may not be suitable for those suffering from arachnophobia but it was recently discovered coated in Burmese amber at a female lagonomegopia spider and her egg sac dating for 99 million years old. According to information shared by CNN, the situation was due to the tree resin caught the spider with its young. … Read more

Mother breastfeeds her 2 children to death after shipwreck: minors survived at sea | Society

Latin American media reported on a tragedy that occurred at sea off the coast of Venezuela, where a mother died after being shipwrecked with her two children. She died of dehydration after nursing the little ones for hours. According to the TV Azteca report, on September 3 Mariely Chacón Marroquín She left by boat bound … Read more

Instagram: Bárbara Evans cries with emotion when she finds out that she is pregnant

Bárbara Evans, a well-known Brazilian actress and model, announced her pregnancy with the publication of the moment she looks at the result of her test. Through her social networks, the young woman published a video showing the tender scene. “Guys, I never thought this waiting was this difficult, but I have faith. I’m shaking from … Read more

R. Kelly justified his actions by his “genius”

Another testimony overwhelms the singer. Each day that passes draws us a little more into the horror of the R. Kelly system, because that’s what to call everything that has been set up around the singer. Each testimony is one more stone thrown in his garden and one more gloomy “discovery”. The Brooklyn court prosecutor … Read more