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Dog’s Fortune in the First Half of 2023

Original title: Dog’s fortune in the first half of 2023 Everyone is eager to meet the right person at the right time and walk into a new life hand in hand. Feelings are full of doubts for many people, and all the rules and regulations in their hearts will be broken when that person appears. … Read more

Our pet? A member of the family for many of us

Credit: Illustration Unsplash Woufbox, a subsidiary of AwesomePetCo, carried out a study on the relationship of the French with their pets. Many of them consider their animal as a member of the family, even as a child. Woufbox, a brand of the AwesomePetCo group which offers pet boxes, is behind this survey of 1,002 people … Read more

The concert and movie are well received, and Qiu Junxin is preparing to hold a fan meeting in Malaysia_Taiwan_Friends_epidemic

Original title: The concert and the movie are well received, Qiu Junxin is preparing to hold a fan meeting in Malaysia The concert and movie are well received by the public in Singapore, Junxin Qiu is preparing to hold a fan meeting in Malaysia Qiu Junxin, who is about to release a new single in … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A bill on a unified standard of school education is being considered in Russia

Photo: © Community In Russia, in the first reading, they adopted a bill on a single standard of education for all schools in the country. The bill, developed with the support of the United Russia party, will introduce a common list of educational programs developed by the Ministry of Education. “For an elementary school, … Read more

SNH48 Annual Youth Festival ended Shen Mengyao won the first domineering shout: You didn’t see it wrong! _Yuan Yiqi_Works_Personal

Original title: SNH48 Annual Youth Festival ended, Shen Mengyao won the first domineering shout: You didn’t see it wrong! (Ma Rongling/Text) On the evening of August 20th, the SNH48 GROUP Annual Youth Festival Women’s Night Concert and Annual Awards Ceremony of the SNH48 GROUP 10th anniversary series of activities, “The Feelings Here Are Unique”, came … Read more

The State Duma proposes to adopt the “gold standard” of school education

The head of the State Duma Committee on Education, Olga Kazakova, proposed to adopt amendments to the law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, introducing the concept of “unified basic federal educational programs” into it. We are talking about “the so-called gold standard of knowledge, which should be received by students in all schools in … Read more