The most absurd way to lose a scholarship

What I am going to narrate below, beyond being an accusation or a trial, is information that needs to be known, because despite the fact that most Civil Associations work for the benefit of society, there are also situations within some of them. that affect the proper development of scholarships or programs with high social … Read more

Dog found poison bait in the forest

Online since today, 09:09 am Herzogsdorf. On April 17, 2022, a previously unknown perpetrator laid out a cracker prepared with a poisoned bait containing coumatetralyl (rat poison) in a wooded area in Herzogsdorf in the Rodltal. On April 17, 2022 at around 12:45 p.m., a 44-year-old man and his wife of the same age from … Read more

Hawaiian descends into a fissure of an active volcano to save a dog

Photo: Social networks Hawaiian adventurer Kavika Singson climbed into a volcanic chasm to save a dog, reports the British Daily Mail. A dog named Malka fell into a fissure of the active Kilauea volcano and spent two days there. Fortunately, the dog had a GPS tracker. The device helped to determine that the animal is … Read more

Teachers’ strike: the Minister of Education rearranges the school calendar and reduces…

By Actus04/03/2022 – 21:0105/03/2022 – 09:30 The State of Senegal wants to make up for the hours lost due to the teachers’ strike. Indeed, in accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic during the Council of Ministers of Wednesday March 02, 2022 relating to the school situation and after evaluation of the … Read more

Neglected dog was locked on balcony for days

Online since 02/24/2022 at 11:50 a.m., updated at 6:03 p.m Linz. In downtown Linz, animal rescue rescued a young dog on Wednesday that had been tied to a balcony of a high-rise building for days. “On February 23, 2022 at around 2:30 p.m., a neighbor reported to the police that he had been hearing a … Read more

woman bitten by dog ​​| laumat|at

Online since today, 08:16 a.m Lasberg. A 59-year-old woman was attacked and injured by a dog on Monday afternoon in the Lasberg area. The woman was riding her bicycle on a dirt road around 3:00 p.m. At a farm, a free-roaming dog suddenly ran and jumped at the woman. The dog bit her left thigh. … Read more

“We held a tea ceremony, master classes in painting, painting T-shirts, soap making…”

It is widely believed that it is difficult for young people in Saransk to find a job and make a successful business career. But many succeed. We can recall Andrei Makarov, who organized the first drive-in cinema in Mordovia, and Ekaterina Syshchikova, who created the Children’s Parking training and development center. 6 years ago, Ksenia … Read more

Tag, brand or chip – cats and dogs will be registered – Capital C

Saransk cats are not against chipping, as long as they are fed. Photo: Capital C Russia plans to introduce mandatory labeling of pets, said Vladimir Burmatov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, in an interview with Izvestia. According to the parliamentarian, the Ministry of Agriculture will … Read more