Torrox offers an extensive summer program with concerts, theater, cinema, fairs and children’s performances

The Mayor of Torrox and the Councilor for Festivities, in the presentation of the program. / ON The ‘Taytantos’ festival will be this weekend the first of the events that can be enjoyed in the months of July and August Torrox faces an exciting summer, after returning to normality, with an intense and varied program … Read more

Retraining IT specialist specializing in application development (IHK) (TZ) Lübeck

Look forward to a comprehensive Retraining as an IT specialist (IHK), specializing in application development at bfw Lübeck. Where does the course take place? Goals Are you looking for vocational training in the IT sector that meets the current need for skilled workers and will ensure you an attractive job after successful completion? Then retraining … Read more

What is a programming learning trap that children who are good at computers are more likely to fall into?[Teached by Assistant Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology]| Programming from the age of 14 that American junior high school students are learning | Diamond Online

Compulsory programming in elementary schoolorAddition of information subjects in the 2025 common examProgramming is one of the themes that are attracting attention in current education. Programming can be easily started with a computer or tablet, but many people may not know what kind of power they have and how to learn. More and more in … Read more

Is the future of education in Peru in programming? This Peruvian edtech startup bets on it

The opinions expressed by the collaborators of Entrepreneur they are personal. In 2018, when Maria del Mar Velez founded the Peruvian startup Crack The Code, had something clear: his mission was to transform education in Latin America by training children in the programming language. In the next five years, he believes it will be as … Read more

Fair and festivals in Granada: Granada Fair: Program with all the activities of the Corpus in the Center of Granada: concerts, entertainment and events

Place Hour Event Royal Gate and Carrera de la Virgen 10.00 – 22.00 h XXIX Grenada Traditional Pottery Fair Bibrambla Square 11.00 – 14.00 y 17.30 – 19.30 h CHILDREN’S CORPUS. Ecological carousels, workshops, inflatable games and recreational-educational activities university square 13.00 h ALHAMBRA MOMENTS CONCERT. CORPUS SPECIAL. Nettle Plaza de los Campos – Plaza … Read more

Concerts, exhibitions and workshops among the summer programming of Otura

With no time to get bored, the residents of Otura will be able to enjoy this summer more activities than ever, thanks to a complete cultural, sports and leisure offer organized by the City Council for the months of June, July, August and September. The Mayor of Otura, Nazario Montes, accompanied by all the councilors … Read more

Melody Gardot leads a Peñíscola Jazz Festival that is reduced to four concerts

CASTELLO. He had been at the Peñíscola Jazz Festival for some time behind the American singer and songwriter Melody Gardot. So much so that the same programmer of the appointment and delegate of the Valencian Institute of Culture in Castellón, Alfonso Ribes, he confesses to being still surprised that, who is considered one of the … Read more

Specialized Classroom | Education Program | Seiwa Gakuin Kindergarten Seiwa Gakuin Second Kindergarten

Specialized classroom (during childcare hours) The possibilities for children are endless. That is why I want you to find “like” from many experiences. During the childcare hours, the main school offers science classes where experiments are fun, as well as classes such as modeling, pearl calculation, and tea ceremony and calligraphy. programming It is said … Read more

Sravni launched a project to search for educational courses in programming, management and design

The financial marketplace “Compare” opened a search for educational programs and courses on the site, Inc. reported. in company. Investments in the project amounted to 5 million rubles. You can find more than 50 schools on the Compare website. The service publishes discounts and promotional codes for courses. In the “Education” section, you can study … Read more

Google’s JavaScript education tool “Grasshopper” is easy for beginners to learn from the basics! ――Which one do you use?Programming Education Tool-Window Forest

Born in Google’s In-House Incubation Area 120, “Grasshopper” is a programming education tool for beginners, where you can learn JavaScript step by step. It is not a visual programming type, but a programming language written in text as it is, but the operability and the contents of small steps are taken into consideration for beginners. … Read more