How to know how many points I have left on my driving license on the Internet

The DGT points card it is not a novelty. However, with the fifteen years of operation behind him, for many drivers he remains a great unknown and few know beyond the points that can be lost for committing according to which infractions. Starting with the basics, all drivers have a total of 12 points on … Read more

Vincent Van Quickenborne’s 10 points for reducing overpopulation

Posted on Monday February 8, 2021 at 6:45 am Through Francoise De Halleux The Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open-VLD) unveiled, in ten points, how he intends to unclog the country’s prisons. By extending the Covid measures which made it possible to release 1,729 detainees early? ” No ! », Responds categorically the minister, … Read more

Emcali started the installation of 35 thousand fiber optic points

Enero 28, 2021 – 11:55 p. m. 2021-01-28 By: Newsroom of El País This week Emcali began the fiber optic expansion plan in the city with more than 35,000 points of the system in the neighborhoods of El Limonar, Tequendama, Valle del Lili, neighborhoods of Comuna 22. Also, in the neighboring municipalities of Yumbo, Candelaria … Read more