The endearing friendship between a dog and a pigeon who support each other by not being able to walk and fly

The life of our protagonists today in Mascotíssimas has not been easy. They are a beautiful dog named Lundy and the dove is Hernán who have something in common: both cannot move freely. Lundy is a Chihuahua puppy who struggles every day to recover the movement of her legs due to a problem with her … Read more

why animal welfare is key and what are the consequences of not respecting it

Among the many definitions that can be applied to animal welfare, a simple one says that it is the state of complete physical and mental health of an animal so that it can grow and develop, fulfilling its natural conditions of behavior in the environment where it is raised. That is, you can develop your … Read more

the owner does not know “how to go on without him”

A guide dog was left behind by his handlers in a van for at least five hours and died. Its owner, a blind woman from New York, USA, is devastated. Milton he was the perfect labrador retriever. Michelle Krupa, his mistress, had taken fifteen years to find him. As she told CBS New York, she … Read more

“In Madrid they have no idea of ​​the reality of Barcelona”

BarcelonaAgavni Mesropian was born in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, but arrived in Madrid when he was just a few months old, in 1994. His parents, musicians by profession, had to fight hard to get out and made an effort to give him a quality education, so Agavni went to British School, first, and the German, … Read more

Education will not appeal the judicial order that maintains the continuous day in San Juan de la Cadena

Education has given this Thursday official transfer to the center of the TSJN car and has informed him that the Department is not going to appeal it. The Department has requested the management of the center “that for the purposes of ensuring the proper organization of the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, communicate to … Read more

Rock and good vibes on the return of the concerts to the Marbella fair – LOCAL

This Friday, the new Marbella fairgrounds hosted the first of the concerts for the festival of San Bernabé after two years of absence. Those in charge of opening the performances were two groups that made the Marbella audience enjoy themselves with their rock and their fun lyrics. “Don’t step on me, I’m wearing flip-flops” opened … Read more