The new Animal Welfare Law is still awaiting its entry into force

Since last year, numerous media have talked about the “New Animal Welfare Law” that was promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, with Ione Belarra in charge of said law. This law has generated much controversy and debate on social networks due to the changes that are intended to be carried … Read more

They put an Elizabethan collar on a golden retriever dog and it goes viral for not knowing how to wear it

Social networks leave us unforgettable, fun and most tender moments. In fact, among the most tracked searches we can find the mischief that animals do, especially dogs and cats. At Mascotíssimas we are a big fan of viral videos on Instagram or Tik Tok and we rate the story we are telling today as between … Read more

It’s about the relationship between animals and humans – Malsburg-Marzell

In mid-December, an artist and two farmers will be performing in the old school building in Vogelbach. Her topic: the special relationship to animals. “I’m afraid I’ve never seen such a powerful being, I’m allowed to stroke it, I grab my dense curls in disbelief, feel the warmth, the heat, penetrate further to the iron-hard … Read more

The Oscar dei Meme is born, two days of talks and concerts – Piedmont

The most important pages and memers in Italy are involved (ANSA) – TURIN, NOV 15 – The Meme Award is born, the first event in Italy that rewards the best memes produced by Italian pages, as part of Memissima, the festival of memetic culture that returns to Turin for its second edition in weekend of … Read more

No crash, but sell-off before bottoming out?

The pressure on the Fed is high: politicians (of the US Democrats) are calling for interest rate hikes to be stopped, the markets are hoping that the US Federal Reserve will announce a slower pace for the next few meetings, there are fears of an economic crash if the tightening continues monetary policy. So far, … Read more

The Penal Code that did not want animals (or people who respect them)

“Animal abuse, to the Penal Code!”. If he has participated in demonstrations in defense of animals, surely he has once chanted this slogan loudly. Until just two decades ago, it was an essential claim in our country, because here you could do practically any barbarity to an animal without assuming any responsibility. How much has … Read more

without changes there is no future

State capacities are often seen from the perspective of public needs, so the actors with the greatest capacity to influence end up altering relevance and urgency, and therefore the public resources to respond to these proposals. Another way of contemplating public capacities is in relation to the responsibilities assumed by the States, be it in … Read more

A dog hides a prize to eat it when they don’t see him and it goes viral

That dogs are intelligent beings is nothing new, but that they try to hide the snacks that you give them as prizes when they “fall on the ground” is another story. In addition, golden retrievers are very smart animals that are capable of learning numerous tricks, and apparently today’s protagonist in Mascotíssimas learned this very … Read more