Frosinone – Attacked because the neighbors’ dog had gone to the toilet in front of their door

Punitive expedition against two black sisters living in Frosinone who had gone to complain to the neighbors because their Chihuahua had gone to the front door of the house. The facts date back to the 2014 estaste when the people across the street first insulted them (one of the victims would have been labeled a … Read more

Education will change the instructions of attention to Special Educational Needs

The Ministry of Education adapt the instructions for the care of students with Special educational needs to the indications made by the Superior Court of Justice of Asturias. As announced by the counselor in plenary session, it has been decided not to appeal the ruling, despite the fact that the Government continues to defend that … Read more

Red and White Covid-19 Vaccine Update – The acceleration of the development of the Red and White Vaccine is currently at the stage of laboratory-scale research or lab skill research and the stage of factor expression. In the development stage, it is continuously monitored by the Ministry of Technology Research / National Innovation Research Agency (Kemenristek BRIN). The government has … Read more

A TV presenter criticizes Biden for his dog’s appearance: “He needs a bath”

A Greg Kelly, presenter of Newsmax, television very close to the proposals of Donald Trump, worries him about the aspect of joe biden dog. And against them, against this 12-year-old German shepherd and his owner, the new tenant of the White House, the famous journalist has directed his criticism. “Doesn’t he look a little rough? … Read more

CSIF requires Education that students with ADHD and those with High Abilities count under “special needs”

The Central Sindical Independiente and civil servants (CSIF) demanded that the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, improve the attention of students with special needs with more personal and material resources and include students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or those with High Intellectual Abilities in the program, since they currently do not compute in … Read more

Russian scientists are studying a valuable breed of Yamal dogs – News of Salekhard and YNAO – Vesti. Yamal. Current news of Yamal

Red, gray, black. Nenets huskies are under close scrutiny of scientists today. Research into the native tundra breed is aimed at breeding and promoting it. The faithful four-legged assistant of reindeer herders needs support. In Arctic agriculture, there is a shortage of purebred Nenets Laikas, and one dog replaces two or three shepherds. Today, experts … Read more