The Zaragoza architect who succeeds with her social housing in London

The Zaragoza Sara Poza Ruiz, 34 years old, believes that when one is an architect, the most one learns is by seeing other ways of doing things. And that’s what he’s been doing for 10 years in London; She went to try “with an open mind to see what would happen” -with a six-month Leonardo … Read more

“I understand that I will never play in Ukraine again.” Zemfira at a concert in London made a statement

“I understand that I will never play in Ukraine again. But I remember these concerts very well. Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Donetsk, my beloved Odessa. I remember it very well. And, of course, no one will take this away from me, it’s forever with me. Forever. But at the same time, I feel very sorry for … Read more

Robbie Williams: Two special concerts for his film Better Man – Entertainment

Stage animal: Robbie Williams in summer 2022 in Munich. Foto: imago/Future Image Still in November: Robbie Williams announces two concerts in London’s Royal Albert Hall. The highlight: the gigs are part of the shooting for the film “Better Man” about the life of the singer. Robbie Williams (48) has announced two concerts at the Royal … Read more

Coldplay cancel shows in Brazil due to singer’s illness

British band Coldplay has canceled upcoming shows in Brazil due to illness of frontman Chris Martin. Variety writes about it. It is clarified that the temporary suspension of the tour is due to a “serious lung infection” that the lead singer of the group contracted. “It is with deep regret that we announce that we … Read more

Basis for peace – speech at the UN: Chancellor Nehammer promotes education

Digital boost through pandemicThe Chancellor also pointed out that although the corona pandemic “accelerated the learning loss”, it had also led to a digital boost. “Austria has adopted a comprehensive eight-point plan for digital learning, which includes a digital school portal to improve communication, teacher training and the expansion of IT infrastructure in schools,” the … Read more

Frauerl lost – What will become of the Queen’s four dogs?

As a dog lover, Queen Elizabeth II leaves behind at least four four-legged friends: “Muick”, “Sandy”, “Candy” and “Lissy”. “Muick” and “Sandy” are Welsh Corgis, the breed that has accompanied the Queen all her life. The Queen’s eldest dog, Candy, is a dorgi, a mix of dachshund and corgi. Cocker spaniel “Lissy” only joined the … Read more

What will become of their dogs Candy, Muick and Lissy?

Candy blasted photo op Brits were reminded with a smirk in February that the Queen, who has owned more than 30 corgis in her lifetime, cannot live without dogs. As Her Majesty looked at children’s cards for photos in preparation for the Jubilee, a dachshund-corgi mix, a so-called dorgi, suddenly jumped into the picture. The … Read more

COMMERZBANK AG (London Branch) – Pre Stabilisation Allianz EUR 16NC6 Tier 2

Pre-Stabilisation Notice August 31, 2022 Not for distribution, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States or any jurisdiction in which such distribution would be unlawful. Allianz SE EUR Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Notes due 2038 Commerzbank AG (contact: Ian Turner; telephone: +44-207-7475-1817) hereby announces, as Stabilisation Coordinator, that the Stabilising Managers named … Read more

This month’s girl Ruzhen fainted in the concert to explain the situation | LOONA | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, August 30, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) South Korean girl group LOONA will hold the “2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR” in the United States this month. [LOONATHEWORLD]”Tour concert, but during the performance on the 28th local time, member Yuzhen was suspected of fainting on the stage, causing fans to … Read more

Galkin was scared at a concert in London by a heart-rending female scream

The concert of Maxim Galkin in London was not without another incident. In the final, when the audience applauded the artist, and he accepted flowers from fans and filmed the audience on the phone, a piercing female scream was heard in the hall, Channel Five reports. This moment was caught by the phone’s camera, at … Read more