Scientific research institutes are recruiting a large number of transfers! I really recommend it! –

I used to think that every postgraduate student had a dream of a prestigious school, and I would not go to a prestigious school that is not 985, 211, or double first-class. but! There is also the special choice of scientific research institutes. Each research institute has its own technical expertise, and has even become … Read more

TEST-FUCHS technology grant in Groß Siegharts

Please send us your meaningful documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, high school diploma, confirmation of enrollment and current summary report) by no later than 31. October 2023 via our online portal. The pre-selection is based on the submitted written documents, in particular on the basis of the academic success and the duration of the … Read more

Notice on Open Registration for Blended Learning MIT Official Course Program in Spring 2023

1. Project information 1. Project overview: Blended Learning is currently one of MIT’s most cutting-edge large-scale official course projects for college students around the world. It is led by MIT xPRO, the official learning platform of MIT Open Learning (school-level department), and is taught by more than 100 professors, researchers, and industry experts. The team … Read more

U.S. Legislates to Ban Private Ownership of Big Cats

Original title: US legislation bans private ownership of big cats Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 21. US President Joseph Biden signed the “Big Cats Public Safety Act” on the 20th, prohibiting private breeding of “big cats” such as tigers, lions, cheetahs, and jaguars. According to the “Big Cat Public Safety Act”, only zoos, sanctuaries, universities … Read more

Happy Halloween at the zoo, where large animals crush pumpkins and pack them | Nico Nico News

See the original article from Karapaia here At the Oregon Zoo in the United States, pumpkins were given to animals as part of the Halloween event. As you know, pumpkins are tough. Despite this, large animals such as elephants, bears, and rhinos were crushed and stuck. Stop imagining that these pumpkins are human heads and … Read more

Experts named the most popular education among the heads of Russian companies

Engineers are at the head of the largest Russian companies, researchers from the University of MISiS came to this conclusion. The Ministry of Education and Science also noticed the interest of applicants in engineering specialties in the last two years Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC The largest Russian companies are mainly led by engineers, this … Read more

Ticket resellers left out of work due to mass cancellation of concerts in Russia

Due to the fact that many major concerts in Russia have recently been cancelled, ticket resellers have virtually disappeared. They retained the opportunity to earn only on major sports competitions and theatrical performances. Over the past six months, the number of concert tickets sold through resale services has been approaching zero. This is reported by … Read more

Spitz dog (42 photos) »Photos of cities and architecture from all over the world

close-up photos of dog breeds from around the world 2 Pomeranian dog 3 Pomeranian dog breed 4 Zwergspitz (dwarf spitz) 5 Pomeranian dog 6 Pomeranian dog breed 7 Spitz orange 8 Pomeranian 9 Pomeranian 10 Pomeranian dog breed 11 Welsh Spitz 12 Pomeranian dog 13 Pomeranian 14 Pomeranian dog breed 15 Welsh Spitz 16 Spitz … Read more