Reynoso Femat, former governor of Aguascalientes, is linked to the process

The former governor of Aguascalientes, Luis Armando Reynoso Femat, was linked to proceedings for the probable commission of the crime of equal tax fraud, for the fiscal years between 2012 and 2014, reported the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). It was indicated that with the elements provided by the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Organized Crime (FEMDO), … Read more

Justice forces Education to publish dynamic lists of interim English teachers

Leonoticias According to CSIF, with this sentence it is once again demonstrated that the principles of publicity and transparency are violated, since it is impossible for each applicant to know the score awarded to the others. The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Valladolid has issued a judgment by which obliges the Ministry of Education … Read more

The Telegraph – Education can save us

The “Law of Scarcity” says that resources are not enough to meet needs that are unlimited. This is verified in various spaces of public life and society; the housewife, the manager of a company, the educational authority, the professional and, obviously, also the ruler knows it. So, to move forward and achieve objectives, attention to … Read more

Suspended prosecutor Emiliano Arias called the cause in which he was finally acquitted “scandalous” | National

After hearing the sentence of his acquittal for the crime of violation of secrecy, the suspended regional prosecutor of O’Higgins, Emiliano Arias, called the case “scandalous” and warned that if the Public Ministry filed an appeal for annulment, it would be totally arbitrary. The facts described do not fit with the criminal type of secret … Read more

Finally! Deputies took the defense bureau from the chief prosecutor

The defense bureau of the chief prosecutor goes to the justice minister, parliament decided on its last working day. The deputies from “There is such a people”, BSP, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand up BG! We are coming” voted for. The deputies from GERB – UDF and MRF, although they were in the hall and took … Read more

The trial of the November 13 attacks plunges into Molenbeek’s breeding ground

HEARING REPORT – Invited to testify, Belgian judge Isabelle Panou spoke of this district of Brussels, a meeting place and rear base for jihadists. Welcome to Molenbeek. Judge Isabelle Panou, red cheeks and hanging tongue, knows this district of Brussels like the back of his hand: “There isn’t a street that I haven’t searched”, reveals … Read more

Group of lawyers outlines popular referendum to change CPE and justice – El País

The constitutional lawyer and former magistrate of the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) José Antonio Rivera reported that next week a group of citizens and lawyers are finalizing a proposal to promote a popular referendum, aimed at changing the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) as a preliminary step. profound changes in the Judicial Branch. The … Read more

Against criminality, start a security program in CDMX

MEXICO CITY. With the aim of having greater proximity with citizens, strengthening security conditions and reducing the incidence of crime in Mexico City, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, and the Secretary of Government, Martí Batres Guadarrama, carried out the start of the “Program for Strengthening Priority Quadrants”. During the ceremony in the … Read more

Gambian accused of raping vulnerable Rouen woman remains in jail pending trial

It might not have been the last metro yet, but in any case, it will have been a strange place for a (very bad) encounter. In August 2020, in Rouen, when she returned from the Rouen University Hospital where she was hospitalized to treat her alcohol addiction, this woman meets a 24-year-old Gambian (today) with … Read more

Twelve years in prison for the ex-partner who slashed the mother of his son

“I hate him”, had ended up letting go of the father of the main victim in the first of the three days of trial which had occupied since Wednesday September 8, 2021 the magistrates of the departmental criminal court, in Rouen. Friday, September 10, 2021, the judges sentenced his ex-stepson to twelve years of criminal … Read more