New recording of Kazuma Miura Quintet! “Piazzolla Standard & Beyond” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

[Bonus]First-come, first-served: postcard* Ends as soon as the benefits expireThe final hit of the Piasolayer is here!Under Kazuma Miura, virtuosos of each instrument gather to connect the spirit of Piazzolla to a new era. 5573536:R The 100th anniversary of Piazzolla’s birth in 2021, and the 30th anniversary of his death in 2022. At the end … Read more

“NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: In A DREAM” movie ticket card (1 type) + bonus: Original postcard (7 random types) will be given to 7 people by lottery!

Released in Japan on Tuesday, December 6, 2022! Present campaign held! NCT DREAM dream stage to the theater! In August 2016, NCT DREAM debuted as one of the units derived from “NCT”, which is derived from the initials of “Neo Culture Technology”.In September this year, their second solo concert “NCT” was held at the Seoul … Read more

Actress/singer Toko Miura will appear as a guest vocalist at the Takuma Watanabe Ensemble concert hosted by intoxicate! – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The heroine at “intoxicate presents EVENT0433@ ‘I’M A SHOW’” featuring an ensemble centered on composer and pianist Takuma Watanabe at a concert sponsored by the free magazine “intoxicate” published by Tower Records. It was decided that Toko Miura, an actress who became a hot topic in the movie “Drive My Car” that appeared as a … Read more

Neeme Järvi 85th Anniversary Edition ~ 2019 Live with Estonian National Symphony Orchestra “Neeme Järvi in ​​Concert” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

To more profound music without losing its inherent dynamism!A precious live album with vocal music by Brahms and Mozart! Neme Järvi, who was born in Tallinn in the former Soviet era, studied under Evgeny Mravinsky, and has now become a world-famous master representing Estonia, turned 85 in the early summer of 2022. Therefore, a concert … Read more

Ivan Illich’s new recording of Joseph Jongen’s Preludes for the 150th anniversary of his birth in 2023 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Duchavre’s best brother Ivan Ilic! A precious collection of piano works by Jongen, who will celebrate his 150th birthday next year! 5600181:R Disciples of legendary French master François-René Duchavre, preludes for piano by Belgian composer Joseph Jongen (1873-1953), famous for his Symphony Concerto for Organ and Orchestra! Since 2017, recordings of Antoine Reicha (Reicha), a … Read more

Latest recordings of Savart, Esperion XXI & La Cappella Reial de Catalunya! “Manuscript Las Huergas: The Sacred Bestiary and Symbols” (SACD Hybrid) – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Savart’s latest recording,Eleven works from the Codex Vergas compiled in 1325 5575852:R Savart has released over 220 titles to date. Recently, Beethoven and Schubert’s symphonies have taken the world by storm, but here again we recorded medieval works. The Codex Las Huergas, compiled in 1325, was first “re-discovered” in 1904. Manuscripts are brought out for … Read more

4th Blu-ray version of Karajan’s late video work “Karajan’s Legacy” series (8 titles) – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Herbert von Karajan, a great conductor who reigned in the 20th century classical world with his outstanding musicality and charisma. From the “Legacy of Karajan” series, which Karajan worked on energetically in the 1980s of his later years, 8 titles have been made into Blu-ray Discs for the first time! Blu-ray Disc by up-conversion from … Read more

Re-released with a new binding! Gardiner & English Baroque Soloists, 1999 concert video at Herder Church! JS Bach: Christmas Oratorio – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

[EuroArtsChannel 公式チャンネルより] Gardiner’s first concert on the cantata pilgrimage1999 “Christmas Oratorio” at Herder ChurchRe-released with a new binding! Bach’s masterpiece “Christmas Oratorio” consists of 6 cantatas that are listened to by the landlord Gardiner. Gardiner visited churches in about 50 cities in Europe and the United States as a project to commemorate the 250th anniversary … Read more

Jun Fukamachi, Akira Wada|Excavation of a phantom live sound source! 2 CD set “SUPER DUO Live” which recorded the heated concert held at Shikoku University Music Hall in February 2006 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The sound source of Jun Fukamachi and Akira Wada’s “DUO” concert held at “Shikoku University Music Hall” in February 2006 will be released as “SUPER DUO Live”! In the mid-1970s, two musicians, Jun Fukamachi (1946-2010), created the dawn of Japan’s pioneering crossover/fusion, and in the 1980s began working together in the legendary band KEEP. ) … Read more

〈Limited Quantity〉Euro Arts Daniel Barenboim 80th Anniversary Special Sale〈8 Titles〉 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Master Daniel Barenboim will turn 80 on November 15, 2022. Barenboim’s video works released from the Euro Arts label will be offered at a limited quantity special price. “Daniel Barenboim Box 2 (13DVD)”, “Barenboim & Berliner Philharmoniker/European Concert 2006 (Blu-ray)”, “Triumph at Teatro Colon” co-starred with Argerich, etc. are great deals!*Sales will end when items … Read more