A Case for Males – Season 2, Episode 13

There is a theft in a girls’ boarding school near Neuchâtel and the management wants to deal with the matter as discreetly as possible. When she turns to Männdli, he finds: dormitories with nothing but six-year-old girls – no, that’s not for me. But he didn’t count on his housekeeper Rosa. Ein Fall für Männdli … Read more

Dispute over mega concerts continues

Organizer Leutgeb apologizes to Munich media houses Leutgeb Entertainment confirmed the withdrawal of accreditation to BR – and justified it with “untruths and scaremongering”, but without being specific. According to Leutgeb, accreditation was withdrawn “for the first time” in the history of the organiser. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Leutgeb Entertainment … Read more