Depressive signs involved with increased possibility of stroke and even worse outcomes

A new research implies that men and women with a background of depressive signs and symptoms have a 46% better hazard of stroke than those people with out a historical past of melancholy. Facts from the intercontinental INTERSTROKE examine also confirmed that folks who had depressive signs and symptoms right before stroke had even worse … Read more

These are the keys to educate a dog according to the book “You and your dog”

Common sense, mutual respect and empathy are three of the keys to educating a dog highlighted by the canine educator and expert in behaviorism Sandrine Nataf-Otsmane, who has just published the book “Your dog and you. Positive and complicit education” in Spanish. (Ed. Larousse). The 96-page book, illustrated with multiple photographs of all kinds of … Read more

Live! Stories of life and concerts – – Book

Big concerts, festivals and live clubs are essential nourishment for art, culture, aggregation and entertainment. After three years in which live shows have been locked up in the cage of the pandemic, the return of live music is lifeblood for body and soul. In this collective volume, writers and writers have decided to join forces … Read more

Magnetism and health – Daring holistic magnetism: mineral, animal, psychic and spiritual

Titre : Magnetism and health – Daring holistic magnetism: mineral, animal, psychic and spiritual Language : French Type : Soft Status : Missing Name of pages : 240 Publication date : 2023/02/28 ISBN : 9782889533268 Code Prologue : A103409 Bar code : 9782889533268 Paper price: 39,95 $

In balance with yoga

Chapter 1 – The foundations of yoga Chapter 2 – Physical fitness assessment Chapter 3 – Postures Chapter 4 – The structure of the sessions and the sequences Chapter 5 – Breathing Chapter 6 – Methods of mental appeasement Chapter 7 – Integrative projects Numerical components for the student: Digital book Complementary videos on meditation … Read more

Book a camping trip with your dog this summer

Valérie let me in on a little secret… Her two dogs, Half, a Border Collie, and Let it be, a Pyrenean Sheepdog, love to go camping because it’s the only time of year they sleep with her . And they take full advantage of it. Under the tent, Half and Let it be, crouch on … Read more

How to Understand and Train Your Dog: The Complete Dog Guide to Interpret Language and Educate Your Dog With the Right Methods and Commands – Anna J. Steven – eBook

Discover now the techniques to train your dog to the right behavior and lots of nice tricks! What are the fundamental rules for effective training? How many times has your dog been aggressive, do you want to find out how to avoid this? What do you need to do to teach your dog to swim? … Read more

Sex education for children is necessary from early childhood! ? What is the correct knowledge that adults should know and how to practice at home? – with class – Kodansha Official

Hello, this is Aya, a withLab editor who reads over 100 books a year. It is suddenAt what age do you think sex education should start? Middle school students? Or high school student? No, do you really need sex education? Isn’t that something that you naturally understand without being taught…? This time, I will introduce … Read more

Concertos for little violinists Sheet music +CD Sheet music Chords Songbooks buy in the USA

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