The mother-in-law went up to the mountain to pick up a “wild cat” as a pet and discovered that it was actually a second-level national protected animal_Leopard Cat

Original title: The mother-in-law went up the mountain to pick up a “wild cat” as a pet and discovered that it was actually a second-level national protected animal On June 22, in Caijin Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, the villager’s mother-in-law Yang handed over her “pets” that she had carefully raised for more … Read more

In the United States, China was threatened with isolation in case of refusal to investigate the pandemic :: Politics :: RBC

Jake Sullivan (Фото: Yuri Gripas / Cnp / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press) US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has warned China that it will be isolated if it does not allow an investigation into the causes of the coronavirus. He stated this in an interview with Fox News. He noted that US … Read more

The name of the new tree frog is “Led Zeppelin” –Sputnik Japan Sputnik Japan Sputnik A zoological research team at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador discovered a new species of tree frog (Pristimantis) and named it after the British rock band Led Zeppelin. The research results are published in the academic journal “Neotropical Biodiversity”. “It was named after Led … Read more

Don’t blindly save the baby animals in the backyard | New Jersey | Baby Season | Fish

[EpochTimesJune192021](Epoch Times reporter Tang Chao compiled a report) The end of spring and the beginning of summer are the “baby season” in New Jersey. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife would like to remind residents that if they find fawn, bunny, fox, bird, raccoon or any other small animals hiding in the backyard, … Read more

17-year periodical cicada outbreak Eating, playing, unexpected reaction of animals | NIKKEI STYLE

A periodical cicada of “Brude X (Ten)” perching on a leaf at the National Geographic studio in the District of Washington. Trillions of cicadas have spent 17 years underground and are now appearing in 15 states in the eastern United States (Photograph by Rebecca Hale). An outbreak of periodic cicadas has begun in the Washington … Read more

A zoo epidemic is difficult to maintain, hoping to donate food to adopt animals-Place-Ancient City | Ancient City

The Melaka Zoo “Food Bank” welcomes donations of fruits, vegetables and meat from all walks of life. (Melaka, 18th) The Malacca Zoo has been closed since May 12th, with the control order 3.0. In addition, this year’s epidemic has increased and the ban on cross-states has led to a significant loss of income. It needs … Read more

Madoqua kirkii the animal that seems to have four eyes – Noticieros Televisa

Nature has components that to the human eye can be as unknown as surprising and these adjectives are used to refer to antelope dik-dik de Kirk or also called Madoqua kirkii, What is it? We tell you. We recommend you: Video: Stray dog ​​takes his friend to a restaurant where they feed him In the … Read more

Torrent launches a campaign of animal protection and against excrement

The City Council of Torrent has started an awareness campaign on the importance of respecting animals and claiming animal welfare, at the same time that it recalls the convenience of collecting canine excrement. To do this, the information points for street furniture, bus shelters and municipal communication screens have been used as support to display … Read more