Dogs can’t choose their owners, don’t let their faces be dull

Original title: Dogs can’t choose their owners, don’t let their faces be dull There have been so many dog ​​incidents recently. In Anyang, Henan Province, a family member of a public official surnamed Wang walked a dog and bit an elderly man. He did not admit to the surveillance video. The media followed up with … Read more

“Nose Pecha Exhibition 2021” held in Osaka, Christmas limited photo spots … December 10-26 | Web media “REANIMAL” that conveys the reality of animals

BACON will hold a new exhibition of the joint photo exhibition & product sales exhibition “Nose Pecha Exhibition” of French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu from December 10th to December 26th at LUCUA Osaka. hold. In addition to the cavalier “Claire (@claire__cavalier)” and Chow Chow’s “Kurizo (@kurizo_chow)”, which will be the first landing … Read more

The Animal Welfare Law provides for fines of up to € 100,000 for excessive breeding

One more step for the Animal Welfare Law. The sanctioning regulation that contemplates the draft Animal Welfare Law contemplates fines of up to 100,000 euros for the unlimited breeding of companion animals, such as dogs, and circuses with wild species. The same penalty will apply to the raising of exotic animals or American minks on … Read more

In Sochi, a disabled person cut himself up by accident while trying to feed a dog

Residents of Sochi complained to the police about the dog Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA In the Adler district, the police had to help local residents get into their own housing, which was occupied by an aggressive dog. The animal growled and did not allow the owners to pass. – Frightened people noticed traces of blood on … Read more

Jincheng Pharmaceutical: The company’s biological sector mainly includes human nutrition, animal nutrition, plant nutrition, etc._ 东方

Every time through the AI ​​newsletter, investors ask questions on the investor interactive platform: At present, the company promotes glutathione products mainly as medicine. It has long been used internationally as food additives, whitening additives and medical beauty products. So is the scope of application of this product too narrow now? As the absolute leader … Read more

“Bloody foam, convulsions and cerebral edema”: Khabarovsk flayers began to use a new method of killing dogs

Doghunter victim died in minutes Photo: Elena VAKHRUSHEVA (KP-Yaroslavl) Dog hunters have become active again in Khabarovsk. A few days ago, at about 23:00, on 123 Kalinin Street, a girl and a guy passing by saw a dog that looked very bad – the dog had a strange gait, after which the animal fell and … Read more

The dog died for seven hours: In Perm, the police establish teenagers who detonated a firecracker in the mouth of a trusting dog

Photo: screen video SSP Zoohelp Antidoghunter Perm / VKontakte “The poor dog died painfully for seven hours, and it was impossible to help her,” the Perm animal rights activists told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – This was done by teenagers 13-15 years old, now they are looking for. The dog that died from their inhuman cruelty is … Read more

In Penza, the dog did not allow ambulance doctors to approach the owner

On Thursday, November 25, employees of the Penza Fire and Rescue Center received a message about a non-standard situation. A Penza resident on Mira Street suddenly felt ill. The man called an ambulance, the doctors arrived at the address and encountered an obstacle: the patient’s dog did not allow the doctors to approach the owner. … Read more