What is the animal that kills the most people in the world?

Movies like ‘Jaws’ and others referring to fearsome animals with sharp teeth have propagated the image of some species as enemies of the human being. In fact, a 2015 survey by the Ipsos agency revealed that approximately half of Americans declared themselves “absolutely terrified” of sharks. However, according to data from the Florida Museum of … Read more

why this wild animal is expanding its territory in France

In recent years, the golden jackal has been progressing in France. After reaching the Alps in 2017, the animal is now present in Finistère. Specialists have confirmed that the canine photographed in March 2022 in an educational farm in the department is indeed a golden jackal, a first in Brittany. ► Origin The golden jackal … Read more

Visual riddle: the animal you see first defines your personality

We know the preferences of our readers when visual puzzles it is about. Many have fun with those visual challenges that have elements such as words, numbers and letters as protagonists, while others choose all the tests that have illustrations of animals and people. It is precisely the challenge that we share on this day … Read more

Protesters criticize the lack of consensus on the animal welfare law

Hundreds of people have demonstrated this Sunday in Madrid against the animal welfare law that the Government intends to approve and that would mean the destruction of “more than 6,000 businesses throughout Spain”, according to Luis Olmedo, a member of the Federation’s board. FAUNA. A law, which in the words of Antonio Folch, a veterinarian … Read more


The American text was nicknamed in Hollywood ‘the most beautiful animal in the world’, a nickname that Lavinia (her real name) did not like at all. But her exuberant roles, from Mogambo (1953), where she coincided with her great friend Grace Kelly, to The Night of the Iguana (1964), with Deborah Kerr —both much more … Read more

The approval of the animal protection law, the next stone on the road for the coalition

The key is in the hunting dogs, to which the Socialists deny the same legal status as any other pet, a position that PP and Vox defend from the very beginning of the parliamentary process With the reform of the ‘only yes is yes’ law on the wire and hanging by a thread, the coalition … Read more

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law From the creators of ‘The law of only yes is yes’ now comes the premiere of ‘The animal welfare law’, the second installment of the horror saga that has been so successful in recent months, and which is a sequel to that saga of the revolutionary sixties, ‘Pepe … Read more

“No dog is euthanized.” The head of Yakutia spoke about the results of the inspection of the detention center for stray animals in Yakutsk

Photo: t.me/aisen_nikolaev On February 5, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, visited the detention center for neglected animals in Yakutsk, he announced this on his official Telegram channel. There he checked the quarantine and general areas for animals. Recall that in October last year in Yakutsk, several dogs were tested positive for brucellosis, a dangerous … Read more

Another complaint for animal abuse mobilizes residents of Gorina

The dog appeared tied up in the square. They gave him water and food / the day In an act that the neighbors described as “absolute cruelty”, unidentified people would have abandoned a dog in the square located at 132 and 481, Gorina. Among those who detected the alleged mistreatment and the people who were … Read more