US closes secret ‘Camp 7’ at Guantanamo Bay | ‘Hell on Earth’ U.S. Closed; Camp 7 of Guantanamo Bay prison, which was kept secret by the military, was closed

Washington: US has closed Camp 7 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. U.S. The prisoners, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the terrorist attack, were transferred to another camp. The U.S. says the redeployment of detainees is for better functioning and coordination. Southern Command specified. The high security prison, which was built in 2004 at a … Read more

Master in French Letters scholarship at Miami University

Master in French Letters scholarship at Miami University Academic year August 2021- May 2022 Deadline for the submission of application files: 15 avril 2021 Master in French Letters, two-year program, annual scholarship of $ 14,451 (to cover accommodation, food, etc.) and almost all free registration fees (93%), plus the possibility of $ 1,500 for summers … Read more

“If we delay … our African friends will go and buy the doses from the Chinese and Russians” Teledakar

Emmanuel Macron proposed yesterday that Europe and the United States deliver 13 million doses of vaccines to Africa as quickly as possible so that the continent can vaccinate its 6.5 million caregivers. A way also to occupy this big market that is Africa. “If we Europeans and Americans know how to deliver these 13 million … Read more