Compulsory corona tests in Hamburg’s schools are no longer required | – News

As of: 05/04/2022 7:32 p.m The corona test requirement in Hamburg’s schools has been overturned. However, a regulation that has already been abolished will come into force again, namely that from now on only those who have been vaccinated, who have recovered or who have been tested are allowed to take part in the lessons, … Read more

Failed to bid on the orange line, can’t fight the end.

Dr.Sanapai reveals MRTA has failed to bid on the orange line After not waiting for the administrative court order Do not risk fighting. Citing the new criteria is the most beneficial to the nation. Granting any private individual Reporters reported that Dr. Samart Rachapolsit, Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party. Has posted articles through personal … Read more

“Doctor Nen” sued 5,000 million TBA for not supporting herbs

“Doctor Nov” brought additional documents and evidence to the Administrative Court, additional lawsuits filed by the Ministry of Public Health, claiming 5,000 million damages for negligence from performing duties Does not support herbal therapy On April 26, Mr. Chairat Nontachai or “Mor Nen”, a famous herbal doctor, Kanchanaburi province with a lawyer. The way to … Read more

“Novice doctor” sues 5 billion, the Ministry of Health for not supporting herbs

“Doctor Novice” brought additional documents and evidence to the Administrative Court, in a lawsuit against the Ministry of Health, demanding 5,000 million baht in damages for neglecting to perform duties. Herbal treatments are not supported. On April 26, Mr. Chairat Nonthachai, or “Doctor Novice”, a famous herbal doctor in Kanchanaburi province, along with a lawyer … Read more