“The question does not even arise, the Clippers are the best team”


Despite the Lakers’ win in the replay game last week, some analysts still see the Clippers as the best team in Los Angeles. This is for example the case of Stephen A Smith, for whom the question does not even arise.

Throughout the season, and the entire break, the question was which Los Angeles team was going to make it to the Finals in the West. The duo’s Lakers LeBron James and Anthony Davis, or the Clippers duo Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, both being well helped by substitutes Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell?

Today, it seems rather obvious that the Lakers have taken a psychological advantage over their neighbors. They remain on 2 victories in a row in the derby, including one during the “reopening” evening of the season. thanks to a very clutch LeBron James.

But for many analysts, this victory and the Lakers’ first place in the standings doesn’t mean the Crimson and Gold are the best team in Los Angeles. According to Stephen A Smith for example, the Clippers remain well above collectively.

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I am nervous. Before the start of the season, I had bet on the Lakers to win the title. But the Clippers are clearly the better team. The question does not even arise, the Clippers are the better team. But when you have two of the top 5 players in the world, along with LeBron and Anthony Davis, you can overcome the Clippers ordeal.

Back in the day when you looked at the Bulls you would think their opponents were better. Portland, Phoenix, Utah… We thought they could do it, but neither of those teams had Michael Jordan in their ranks.

Kawhi Leonard is a great player, double champion, double MVP of the Finals, but he is not LeBron James in great moments. For this reason, I would like to give the advantage to the Lakers. The problem is, even without Lou Williams, even without Montrezl Harrell, the Clippers held on until the last seconds.

Stephen A Smith is visibly divided on the thorny question of the best team in Los Angeles. If he knows that LeBron James and Anthony Davis can compete with anyone in a game, he also suspects that the Clippers bench could be an X factor in a possible series of playoffs …

Either way, the level difference may not be so obvious as ESPN’s flagship journalist suggests. The debate at least has the merit of existing between the two teams.

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