Is the ban on the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops a threat to the sector?

DECRYPTION – The law prohibiting the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores from 2024 questions the future of these stores. With nearly nine million dogs and 15 million cats, the French no longer hide their growing affection for pets. However, it will no longer be possible to soften up in front of puppies … Read more

The Bataclan, a concert hall under the weight of memory

Since the attacks of November 13, 2015, the Bataclan has tried to reinvent itself despite financial difficulties and changes of owner. But it remains marked by an attack which has made it a place of memory in spite of itself. The footsteps of onlookers dull a little in front of the silent facade of the … Read more

fears dissipate in equity markets

After coming close to its historic record in August, the CAC 40 took a break. Before setting off again? It came close to it. On August 13, in full summer torpor, the CAC 40 climbed to 6,913.67 points in session, a hair’s breadth from its historic peak hit on September 4, 2000, just 21 years … Read more

Mandatory health pass on the terrace: the government remains firm

Despite the opposition of restaurateurs, the Ministry of the Economy intends to enforce the measure. «If the law is upheld, it will be applied,»Invited this Monday, August 2 on the set of France Info, Alain Griset firmly reiterated his intention to enforce the obligation to have a health pass to go to the terrace. If, … Read more

Bayer struggles to turn the page on glyphosate

The German group is dragging the takeover of Monsanto like a ball. He goes on the offensive in gene therapy and precision agriculture. The controversy around glyphosate is starting again. As the approval of this controversial substance expires in the European Union in December 2022, two reports with contradictory conclusions on its harmfulness have rekindled … Read more

what products will visitors discover at the Élysée this weekend?

REPORTAGE – From a rolling cinema to a dishwasher to period panties, the “Made in France” exhibition offers a wide variety of tricolor productions. A small wooden doll’s house, pickles, a rolling cinema, table football, period panties, a piece of stairs, flowers, a private plane … visitors to the “Made in France” exhibition this weekend. … Read more

Rent control remains ineffective in Paris

INFO LE FIGARO – Two years after the entry into force of the device, one in two advertisements is illegal. Two years after its entry into force, rent control is still just as ineffective in Paris. One in two advertisements for empty housing does not respect this device supposed to slow down the rise in … Read more

Sanofi divests several non-prescription drugs

“Sanofi is streamlining its Consumer Healthcare portfolio in Europe and is selling 16 of its brands to Stada,” the laboratory said in a press release. The French giant Sanofi has sold about fifteen non-prescription treatments to the German Stada, he announced on Monday, an operation characteristic of the refocusing of certain large pharmaceutical players towards … Read more

Driven by its success on the stock market, Snowflake redoubles its ambition

The founder of the cloud platform is targeting product revenue of $ 10 billion by 2029. On September 16, the Snowflake company set Wall Street on fire. By soaring 100% on the first day of its IPO, the share sparked an unprecedented boom in the history of technology stocks. Nine months later, the valuation of … Read more