“Don’t call your concerts heroism.” Mozgovaya turned to Ukrainian performers and showed a video that “broke the heart”

“I was silent for a month and only watched the news and posts … And, perhaps, I could remain silent now, because everyone has their own karma and everyone will be responsible for their own – perfect and lived … But … I came across this video and my heart broke,” she wrote. In the … Read more

is the war a reason not to return the money – Video page

Without festivals, concerts and parties – this is today’s reality. But this is the smallest of the problems. The question is why some concert organizers refuse to return money for canceled events, they say, “there is a war in the country, please contact after the victory.” Or they generally ignore the appeal about the abolished … Read more

Postponement from mobilization with a second higher education – will they be drafted into the army or not

In Ukraine, the 114th day of the war with the Russian invaders is going on, the general mobilization has been continued until at least August 23. However, under conscription in the army several categories of persons liable for military service do not fall at once Ukrainians, including those who receive higher education. This was told … Read more

Lebanese director hopes for world peace in making “history that cannot be talked about” (photos) Lebanon’s sky | Ukraine | war | film |

Lebanese director Oyali Muennes (left) adapted his childhood war experience and made it into the film “Lebanon’s Sky”, in which the protagonist is played by the amateur child star Mohammad Dali (right). (Image source: Central News Agency/Double Happiness) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website. Movie“sky of … Read more

Max Korzh canceled concerts in Russia due to the war in Ukraine

Famous Belarusian performer Max cake announced the postponement of the stadium tour in Russia. “Small, as you may have guessed, there will be no concerts in our countries this year. I can’t sing about life in a buzz, when every day these lives are taken away! Take care of yourself! Everything will be fine!” — … Read more

wears humanitarian aid and reassures people (video) — UNIAN

The four-legged Ber carries packages with help all day long and works in a volunteer center. Belgian Shepherd Ber became a migrant dog / screenshots from the video In Chernivtsi, a dog from Kharkov became a “volunteer”. The four-legged Ber carries packages with help all day long and works in a volunteer center. This is … Read more

Not only at the front: everyone is fighting for the freedom of Ukraine in their place

Despite all the difficulties of wartime, Ukrainian students took part in International Student Tournament of Physicists, which took place this year in Colombia, took sixth place among fifteen teams and received a diploma for the best report. On May 19, our heroines returned to Ukraine. The International Physics Tournament is one of the world’s most … Read more

“The dog barks, the caravan moves on”: Senator Kul-Mukhammed answered Keosayan

Senate deputy Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed on the sidelines of the parliament responded to the scandalous statements of Russian TV presenter Tigran Keosayan, reports arbat.media. He assessed them as clearly provocative and supported the position of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry on this matter, the press service of the Senate reports. “People like him are called ‘goats provocateurs’. … Read more

How students will finish the 2021/2022 academic year – MES explanation – tsn.ua

The Ministry of Education and Science recommends that institutions of higher and professional higher education, depending on the security in the region, restore and carry out the educational process full-time, in a mixed form or remotely. The Ministry of Education and Science sent letters of recommendation to the heads of higher and professional higher education … Read more