Animal cruelty: They arrest a man who skinned pets in CDMX; he hung his furs in the window

An act of animal cruelty is outraging social media. This is the case of a man who was arrested for allegedly mistreating animals and exposing their skins in a window, to later abandon them in the streets near the Artes Gráficas neighborhood, Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, in Mexico City (CDMX). According to a statement from … Read more

Owner scolds her dog for not wanting to eat

Mexican moms are characterized by their scolding as typical as the “You are going to fall”,“And if I find it, what do I do to you?”,“Do you want me to give you a reason to cry? For phrases like you are, a woman went viral on social networks after scolding her puppy for not wanting … Read more

Is it the end of the world?; puzzles strange animal behavior around the world

A few weeks ago they began to circulate videos from around the world about strange behavior in animals of different species and that it is inexplicable for humanity due to how curious it is. It may interest you: VIDEO: This was the impressive autopsy of a python that was swallowed by an alligator in Florida … Read more

Dog saves a boy from being attacked by another dog

How much are you willing to risk to save the lives of those you love? The answers can be thousands and in all forms, but they may not be entirely true until you find yourself involved in situations where risking life is an option so that your loved ones do not suffer. This was the … Read more

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They discover a young man who lived with his dog in ‘secret’ and they run her

Digital Millennium USA / 05.11.2022 08:21:00 Moving or finding a place to live can be complicated, as certain requirements must be met and until both parties agree, a contract is signed, however, things don’t always go well. Through TikTok, the American influencer, Sophia said that she decided to move to Australia to dedicate herself completely … Read more