Creamy spinach with egg, a childhood recipe

Total: 35 min Diners: 4 If I go back to my childhood, without a doubt one of the dishes that I would select from which my mother repeated with some assiduousness was spinach with bechamel. She almost always made them with frozen spinach, the kind they sell in the block, and then she gratinated them … Read more

A recipe for vegan custard, pulling legumes

Recipe: Vegan legume custard Category: Category Processing time: 2:00 Cooking time: 3:00 Total time: 5:00 Datasheet DifficultyEasy Weather5 minutes Servings4 Calories100 kcal. For ecology, for health and for ethics. For these reasons, 7.8% of the Spanish population over 18 is vegan, according to a study published by PNAS and carried out by the consulting firm … Read more

The four allied pairs to promote healthy eating

We all have an idea of ​​what foods we like to eat. Bread with butter, salami and cheese, breaded with french fries, strawberries with cream or fresh and sweet potato. But sometimes, the combination of foods is not only more palatable, but also it is better for our body. By putting two foods on the … Read more

Try this delicious vegetable cake variant

You can serve the delicious vegetable cake cold or lukewarm. Imago Images Who says that a New York cheesecake or cheesecake always has to be sweet? Just try the hearty variant. It’s easy to do vegetarian with lots of vegetables. If you prefer it even more hearty, you can of course also add a few … Read more

Scorpion cake | Recipes El Comidista EL PAÍS

The cabracho cake is a classic that came to the domestic kitchen from high places, when in 1971 the chef Juan Mari Arzak gave a spin to the hake pudding that was served in the Astelena bar, where he used to have breakfast after going shopping at the Bretxa market in the old part of … Read more

This will make wrinkled carrots crisp again

Published: Wednesday, 08/25/2021 1:08 PM Soft carrots are no longer good? That’s not true. The root vegetables can be wonderfully refreshed and thus saved from the bin – with a simple trick. © Silke Heyer (dpa) Simple trick Bonn (dpa / tmn) – If you put carrots in the refrigerator after harvesting or shopping, you … Read more

Cucumbers, Cheap and Easy to Get Health Friends

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Cucumber can be consumed raw as a salad or also cooked into several preparations, such as pickles and complementary gado-gado. In addition, cucumbers also have health benefits that you may often not realize. <!– ADVERTISEMENT –!> Dilansir dari eatthis, berikut manfaat mentimun bagi kesehatan. Sayuran ini pun mudah didapat dengan harga terjangkau. … Read more