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apexsocial Apex Social The Apex Social Scholarship 2023! 👩 🎓 🎉 100% assumption of the program fees of 1.498 € 🥳 job-related, interdisciplinary year abroad worth over 30.000 USD What do we need from you? ​✅ Departure: Departure between January & April 2023 ✅ Expertise: Completed training / studies in a social field, such as … Read more

Dog saves a boy from being attacked by another dog

How much are you willing to risk to save the lives of those you love? The answers can be thousands and in all forms, but they may not be entirely true until you find yourself involved in situations where risking life is an option so that your loved ones do not suffer. This was the … Read more

They discover a young man who lived with his dog in ‘secret’ and they run her

Digital Millennium USA / 05.11.2022 08:21:00 Moving or finding a place to live can be complicated, as certain requirements must be met and until both parties agree, a contract is signed, however, things don’t always go well. Through TikTok, the American influencer, Sophia said that she decided to move to Australia to dedicate herself completely … Read more

Here’s why you should avoid repeating these TikTok challenges with your pets

The videos are sometimes funny and often very popular, but beware, some challenges on TikTok go against animal welfare. Have fun barking at your dog Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Dogs do it by barking. Barking reflects a variety of feelings and situations that our four-legged friends face on a daily basis. … Read more

Arnold and Jenry, the dog and the farmer are inseparable. But there is a sad ending

By his side, day after day, working in the fields. A story of tender friendship that only i dogs they can give to humans. Arnold is the faithful friend of Jenry Calderonthis is the name of the farmer on the profile TikTok, where he released several videos of his great friend. Jenry, in all likelihood … Read more

Viral TikTok | Young man shares the last goodbye to his dog after euthanasia and moves on social networks | Videos | nnda nnrt | MISCELLANY

In the last few hours, a video starring a man who said the last goodbye to his pet, a husky dog ​​that spent 12 years at his side, went viral. The heartbreaking images, shared on the social network TikTokThey accumulate millions of reproductions. The user, identified as Gilberto Rodriguezshows part of the growth of the … Read more