Vietnam and Switzerland reinforce cooperation in education | Society

Vietnam’s Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Kim Son, and the Secretary of State for Education, Research and Innovation of Switzerland, Martina Hirayama, at the event (Source: VNA) Bern (VNA) – Vietnamese Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Kim Son, and Swiss Secretary of State for Education, Research and Innovation, Martina Hirayama, discussed measures aimed … Read more

Wild animal: 6 film tips that get hairy

Who doesn’t want that: a loyal soul and someone with whom you can lie comfortably on the couch in the evening. Our four-legged friends help out – the dogs. We have selected a selection from six animal films about man’s best friend. We wish you a good time. Adventure film from 2017 by Lasse Hallström … Read more

Swiss Justice Asks Rui Pinto for Help in Investigating FIFA President | Football Leaks

“Dear Sir or Madam”: the identity of the person who had shared some of football’s darkest secrets on the page Football Leaks was not yet known, but this detail was not an obstacle to the Swiss authorities, who asked for potentially incriminating information about FIFA President Gianni Infantino. O email, sent by the Swiss authorities … Read more

Wörthersee – stage for animals and people – 3sat – November 1st, 2021, 3:55 am

Monday, November 1st • 3:55 am – 04:40 documentation Austria 2011 The Wörthersee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, is an internationally known body of water that attracts composers, architects and Hollywood stars. But he also has quiet sides.Beyond the hustle and bustle, the scenic water with its islands and peninsulas is a … Read more

How the flu wave turns out is “a big question mark”

In Switzerland they are vaccinated against the flu again. (Symbol image) Image: Keystone The flu wave failed again abroad. Will Switzerland also be spared? The Federal Office of Public Health is optimistic, the chief canton doctor Rudolf Hauri sees a lot of uncertainty – also with the vaccine. It would be a nice side effect … Read more

I know an animal – SWR Fernsehen BW – October 30, 2021, 5:30 am

Saturday, October 30th • 5:30 am – 05:45 Sheep, zebra, turtle, giraffe children D 2012 In four animated films, human problem situations are depicted by animals: A young sheep distinguishes itself from its parents by mooing and getting a brightly colored coat. A zebra loses its stripes in an accident and instead gets the wildest … Read more

I know an animal – SWR Fernsehen BW – October 30, 2021, 5:45 am

Saturday, October 30th • 5:45 am – 06:00 Krokodil, Wal, Wolf, Tiger children D 2012 A crocodile realizes that its long snout makes it impossible to nibble pretzel sticks and is happy when help approaches. A whale is feared by the other animals – until a small bird courageously makes contact. The wolf also seems … Read more

“Better without crumbs between the pillows”

“I am not a classic power figure, I have quite a power of persuasion”: Cornelia Boesch. Image: SRF/Oscar Alessio Which item do you need most on the weekend? What’s on your shopping list every Saturday? Today we put our questions to «Tagesschau» presenter Cornelia Boesch. Every Sunday, “blue News” asks a person from the fields … Read more

Animals – Karlsruhe – After finding a Japanese beetle about 400 suspicious transaction reports – Society

Karlsruhe (dpa / lsw) – After a Japanese beetle was found near the border in Basel, a dead specimen was discovered in Baden-Württemberg. The animal was in a delivery of industrial goods from Poland, said Jonathan Mühleisen, plant health officer at the Agricultural Technology Center (LTZ) Augustenberg in Karlsruhe. They were not vegetable products. The … Read more

Here’s how states like South Dakota have become global tax havens

Offshore tax havens have long been a refuge for wealthy individuals trying to hide assets. Now, states like South Dakota, Nevada and others have also become magnets for those dodging taxes. That’s according to the Pandora Papers, a collection of nearly 12 million leaked private financial records gathered by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. … Read more