Admission to a foreign university in 2022: is it possible and what should be taken into account

In October-November, applications begin for most foreign scholarship programs that start in September 2023/24 academic year. We tell you what Russian applicants should take into account and whether they can get a foreign scholarship. Which countries accept applicants from Russia None of the countries of Europe, as well as the rest of the world, has … Read more

Tyumen students were awarded nominal scholarships for academic excellence | EDUCATION

For achievements in studies and active work students Varvara Baeva and Nguyen Quang Hai were encouraged by the nominal scholarship of the Governor of the Tyumen region for the 2022-2023 academic year. They are also members of the student council of the Tyumen region. A total of 89 people were awarded. All of them were … Read more

Scholarships for Yugra students will be increased by almost 10% –

According to Aleksey Drenin, director of the Department of Education and Science of KhMAO, the scholarships will include the district coefficient stipulated by law. In colleges and universities, the payment will be from 1.5 to 4.5 thousand rubles, for graduate students in certain areas – up to 9 thousand rubles, for residents – about 20 … Read more

Excellent Students from Yamal to Receive Governor’s Scholarships

The District Department of Education has identified recipients of the Governor’s Scholarship. 129 students from Yamal will receive a monthly payment of 10,000 rubles until the next session. The winners of the cash allowance were chosen based on the results of summer exams and tests and work during the semester, the press center of the … Read more

Turkey Scholarships Program – What does Undergraduate Scholarship in Part-time Scholarship under Turkish Scholarship Program cover?

The Part-time Scholarship, which includes the Undergraduate Scholarship under the Turkish Scholarship Program, covers such expenses as, Accommodation at the university and at the department Monthly out of pocket expenses in the form of 800 Turkish Lira Tuition fee 1 year Turkish Preparatory Course Accommodation Medical insurance and One way air ticket.

7 scholarships that cover all the costs of studying abroad in 2023

Despite the foreign policy situation, many countries still accept Russian students to study at universities. However, even if the student entered a free department, accommodation, meals and medical insurance abroad can cost a substantial amount. In her blog, Irina Golotova talks about scholarship programs that cover tuition, living abroad, travel and other fixed expenses. According … Read more

Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences: Exposé-Stipendium zur Promotionsvorbereitung

General purpose of the scholarship The Exposé scholarships of the Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences are aimed at students in the final phase and graduates (from Germany or abroad) who are pursuing a doctorate in the humanities or social sciences (including law and economics ) at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. … Read more

University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law: Reduce your tuition fees by up to 25 percent!

General purpose of the scholarship Scholarship for tuition fees of up to 25 percent type of promotion The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law is offering up to five scholarships of up to 25 percent of tuition for e-fellows Distance LLM Day participants. Notes on application Applicants should note on their application … Read more

BCJ.Bayern eV: Study Award 2021 |

General purpose of the scholarship BCJ.Bayern awards study prizes for scientific work in the field of Christian-Jewish dialogue. type of promotion Prizes are awarded in three categories: 1st Category: School Seminar papers in a W/P seminar (high school) Seminar papers (FOS/BOS) Prices 1st place: 300 euros 2nd place: 200 euros 3rd place: 100 euros 2nd … Read more

Turkey Scholarship Program – What documents are required when applying for scholarship programs in Turkey?

To apply for a scholarship to the Turkish Scholarship Program, the following documents are required: – Valid ID or Passport – Recently taken photo – National exam result, if any – Diploma and Provisional Graduation Certificate – score transcript – the result of an international exam, at the request of the selected educational program – … Read more