The Argentine television classic can be seen from today on Netflix

This week, highly anticipated releases are coming to Netflix: the Serie Occupy, that can already be seen from this Tuesday, and the second season of Sky Red, with Lali Espósito, on Friday 23. Below, everything that will be uploaded to the platform in the next few days. Occupy During the deep Argentine economic crisis of … Read more

Series: “Scott & Huutsch”: A policeman gets the hang of it – culture

Nobody can be angry with the drooling Bordeaux mastiff Huutsch. Photo: Disney Disney turned a feature film with Tom Hanks into a series. In it, a drooling dog turns the life of a pedantic policeman upside down. Stuttgart – 1989 was the year of the policemen who got the hang of the dog: First James … Read more

Univision announces changes in its structure as part of the alliance with Televisa

Leopoldo Gómez, from Televisa to Univision In the news division, the television network announced the departure of Daniel Coronell, who since 2016 held the position of president of news at Univision. The executive, who will retire on August 1, guaranteed a smooth transition process. Coronell’s place will be occupied by Leopoldo Gómez, after leaving the … Read more

Star + arrives in Latin America in August: “The wonderful years 2021”, ESPN live and everything that the catalog of the new platform brings | Disney Plus | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Streaming platforms keep telling the time. On August 31st, Disney will launch Star+ in Latin America and one of its main attractions will be its wide range of live sports with ESPN’s production quality and the possibility of experiencing them in a personalized way. SIGHT: Netflix, HBO Max, … Read more

▷ In 3sat: “Pop around the Clock – Summer Edition” / 24 hours of music with Jan Delay, …

16.07.2021 – 14:27 3sat Mainz (ots) Samstag, 24. Juli 2021, ab 6.05 Uhr Live und Erstausstrahlungen Am Thementag “Pop around the Clock – Summer Edition” feiert 3sat 24 Stunden lang Pop- und Rockmusik! In Zeiten der Coronapandemie bringt 3sat am Samstag, 24. Juli 2021, ab 06.05 Uhr inspirierende Musikerinnen und Musiker zu den Musikfans nach … Read more

Concerts in Mexico during the month of July, these are the artists who will participate

During the month of July there will be several concerts in MexicoAmong them, different musicians and artists will present themselves to give concerts to their public that are so eagerly awaiting them. After going through a Covid-19 pandemic that generated a great loss in the entertainment world and that still continues to hit us, concerts … Read more

They launched HBO Max: all the prices and what you can see – Come and see

After months of waiting, the HBO Max streaming platform was finally launched this Mars in Argentina and throughout Latin America. WarnerMedia’s platform, which goes out to compete with giant like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, includes movies, series, documentaries, reality shows, and shows from HBO, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Sony, … Read more

TV ratings of the EM preliminary round are lower than they have been for a long time

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Lagarde, prospects improve and growth will accelerate – European Parliament

BRUSSELS – “The outlook for the economy is really improving as the pandemic situation improves, vaccination campaigns go on and confidence begins to grow.” ECB President Christine Lagarde said this in a hearing in the European Parliament, explaining: “We expect economic activity to accelerate starting this quarter, thanks to the support of fiscal and monetary … Read more

Langenfeld studio stage and art association start

June 4, 2021 at 5:06 pm Kulturrangebote : Studiobühne and Kunstverein start Studiobühne members Heike Schubert (left) and Volker Arnold read texts by Ephraim Kishon and Karel Capek in the library. Photo: Studiobühne Langenfeld In the Langenfeld cultural center, the exhibition “View of Things” will open again to visitors for the first time this Sunday … Read more