With heart and dog | Film-Rezensions.de

content / criticism Mid-sixties Dave (Dave Johns) and remote (Alison Steadman) meet while walking their dogs. Over a period of about a year and a total of 23 walks, the two begin to get to know and appreciate each other. However, personal issues and secrets stand in the way of their shallow romance and a … Read more

Adding fire to online concerts, Douyin and video accounts are fighting head-on | Streaming Media Network

[Streaming Media Network]Abstract: How to find new weapons outside the “nostalgic card”. At 8 pm on May 27th, “Childhood” Luo Dayou and “Youth” Stefanie Sun will both broadcast live. Who do you choose to watch? On May 14, shortly after the video account official announced that Luo Dayou would start a concert on May 27, … Read more

Tickets for Stefan Kramer – In Concert – Olmue

The famous imitator Stefan Kramer, who has triumphed on important national stages -among them, the Viña Festival- returns to the Patagual Park in Olmué. This May 14, he will surprise us with a completely new routine full of music, in which he will address various topics such as the changes that Chile has experienced in … Read more

Hiro Kimura launches “Steam Engine (feat. Tomoaki Baba, Yusuke Sase, Shota Watanabe & Keisuke Furuki)” | THE MAGAZINE

Hiro Kimura launches “Steam Engine (feat. Tomoaki Baba, Yusuke Sase, Shota Watanabe & Keisuke Furuki)” Hiro Kimura’s “Steam Engine (feat. Tomoaki Baba, Yusuke Sase, Shota Watanabe & Keisuke Furuki)” has been released. The song released digitally this time is “Steam Engine (feat. Tomoaki Baba, Yusuke Sase, Shota Watanabe & Keisuke Furuki)”. The first single series … Read more

“Toy” – New album from the estate of David Bowie | NDR.de – Culture – Music

As of: January 8th, 2022 7:02 am David Bowie would have turned 75 today. With the album “Toy”, material from his estate, which the pop star recorded in 2000, is now being released. At that time the project came to nothing. How do these songs sound today? Listen to the post 5 Min by Mischa … Read more

BTS Concert, Permission to dance on stage in Los Angeles LIVE STREAM ONLINE D1 and SoFi: links, where to see, schedules by country, prices, full dates, November 27 | #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA | Asian culture

The series of face-to-face concerts of BTS, called Permission to dance on stage in Los Angeles, will take place in a matter of hours. So-Fi is getting ready to welcome ARMY from around the world as fans finalize details to turn the stadium purple. For their part, South Korean idols practice part of the setlist … Read more

HBO’s commitment to Latin music and live concerts

The streaming platform of HBO he continues to fight in the tough entertainment market and this time he opted for Latin music and urban artists with a special call Live On Max. It is a series of live concerts broadcast by the service. It is no secret that the different companies in this field seek … Read more

Dune premieres on HBO Max and confirms its second part When? – Connoisseurs.com

Dune, the most recent Warner Bros. film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, opened in theaters last week and, in the United States, simultaneously at HBO Max. The film, which obtained very good numbers in its first exhibition weekend, and of streaming reproductions, has just confirmed its sequel for 2023. But Dune premieres on HBO Max also … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to go to bed with other couples – scene

In the new Netflix series “Love, Sex and Goop”, Gwyneth Paltrow helps couples lead a more fulfilling sex life. Viewers should be able to learn from it. There are sexual taboos for the actress Gwyneth Paltrow not in a long time. The creation of a scented candle that is supposed to smell of your vagina … Read more