South Korea will analyze whether to prohibit consumption of dog meat | The World | DW

The Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Boo-kyum, announced this Thursday (11/25/2021) the creation of a joint committee in order to establish “a social consensus” on the need or not to prohibit the traditional consumption of dog meat in the Asian country. “We are going to form a joint public-private consultative body led by citizens … Read more

The operator files a lawsuit against the Ilsan Bridge free passage

Ilsan Bridge toll booth in Golpo-dong, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. yunhap news The operator decided to file a lawsuit against the ‘public disposition’ implemented by Gyeonggi-do to make the Ilsan Bridge toll free. Ilsan Bridge, the operator of Ilsan Bridge, said on the 27th, “Gyeonggi Province notified the cancellation of the designation of the private investment project … Read more

Wen’s speech at the National Assembly missing the ‘core’…與 “Presenting milestones”, “self-congratulations”

“A series of national crises throughout his tenure.Committed to overcoming the crisis until the end.”Refrain from stating facts President Moon Jae-in delivers a speech on the correction of the 2022 budget at the National Assembly plenary session on the 25th. News 1 President Moon Jae-in said on the 25th, “I will concentrate on overcoming the … Read more

Victim of ‘drinking bottled water’ dies… Changed the suspect’s charge to murder

Losing consciousness in six days… to be autopsiedStatement of “suspect, personnel dissatisfaction” by co-worker Inside a company in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul where the ‘bottling water bottle incident’ occurred on the 18th. Intern reporter Kim Soo-yeon A male employee in his 40s, a victim of the so-called ‘water bottle poisoning incident’, died six days after the … Read more

Former King Carlos of Spain exposed to drug use to suppress sexual desire

Former King of Spain Juan Carlos Ex-King Juan Carlos I, who left his homeland due to corruption allegations and privacy disputes, has been exposed as a female hormone injection to suppress sexual desire. On the 22nd (local time), foreign media such as The Mirror reported that former police chief Jose Manuel Villarejo (70) attended a … Read more

‘With Corona’ UK, masks again… Prime Minister: “Booster shots are the key”

Government advisory scientists “Prepare now for quarantine regulations…the greatest effect of telecommuting”‘Plan B’ Controversy Draws a line to strengthen government regulations… Johnson: “There will be no further lockdowns” Some passengers wear masks on the London Underground on the 20th (local time). AP Yonhap News Following the UK medical community’s demand for reintroduction of quarantine regulations, … Read more

Taliban assault journalists covering protests… swing the butt, etc.

Protesters demand improvement of women’s education and living conditions Kabul (AFP=Yonhap News) – Taliban fighters assault a reporter covering the scene of a women’s protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the 21st (local time). 2021.10.21. [email protected] The Taliban, an Islamic militant group that succeeded in re-establishing power in Afghanistan, again assaulted a journalist covering the protests. … Read more

‘School violence controversy’ Lee Da-young, Greek stage debut

Starter setter on the move sooner than expected PAOK, the league’s strongest team wins a surprise After being expelled from the domestic volleyball world after a violent incident in school was revealed, the younger brother of the twin sisters who caused controversy by trying to advance to the Greek league, wearing a PAOK uniform on … Read more

‘Assistant to massacre Jews’ 96-year-old Nazi war criminal sent to court

Juvenile Court… Prosecutors “Crime when I was a teenager”獨, Nazi crime prosecution targets expanded He entered the juvenile court with a scarf on his head, a mask and even sunglasses. Although his face is covered tightly, his wrinkled hands holding a cane and his wheelchair-bound figure do not match the juvenile court at all. He … Read more