More than 6 thousand teachers of the Kuban took advanced training courses at the regional Institute for the Development of Education

In total, since the beginning of 2021, more than 17 thousand people have studied at the site of the institute. IRO specialists have developed 12 programs of additional professional education. They were peer reviewed and included in the federal register. According to the press service of the Krasnodar Territory, the region is one of the … Read more

In Dagestan, students and graduate students will receive a bonus – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Talented Dagestan students and postgraduates will receive personal scholarships from the head of Dagestan. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the region Sergey Melikov. During a meeting of the council under the head of Dagestan for science and education, Sergei Melikov noted: it is necessary to develop a system of measures to … Read more

World Bank warns of even worse effects on education – international

WASHINGTON – The corona pandemic is having an even worse impact than previously expected on children’s education around the world. Even 21 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, schools remained closed to millions of children, the World Bank criticized in a report published on Monday. .

How to recognize pneumonia in dogs

Pneumonia occurs not only in humans, but also in dogs, especially during the cold season. This disease can be triggered by the frequent infections that can be found in immunocompromised dogs. “Pneumonia is a rather dangerous disease that, if treated incorrectly or not, can even lead to death. Sometimes dog breeders do not attach much … Read more

Puppies in a bag with a mother-dog were thrown out by monsters in the cold in Noyabrsk

In Noyabrsk, unknown persons packed three 1.5-month-old puppies in a bag and, together with their mother, threw them at a bus stop. This was announced on December 4 by volunteers in the Noyabrsk Animal Help group on VKontakte. “A dog and three small puppies in a bag, in which they used to carry fish, were … Read more

Top 12 naughty dog ​​breeds named

+ A – Their training will become a real problem. Despite the high intelligence and susceptibility to training, some dog breeds are distinguished by an overly freedom-loving nature, which is why their owners constantly get trapped due to frequent manifestations of mischief and hooliganism, reports the Kinpet portal. Sometimes dogs cannot remember commands, not because … Read more