sound stimuli to guide the animal towards the sea

“The decision was made to favor a gentle intervention method,” said the prefecture, to try to save the wild animal in a “very weakened” state. An orca in difficulty in the Seine between Rouen and Le Havre will be attracted to the sea using sound stimuli, announced Friday May 27 the prefecture of Seine-Maritime which … Read more

In Bourges, “concentrated” students in split classes

This flagship measure of the first five-year term, which concerns classes from kindergarten to CE1, could extend to CM2. “In thirty years of priority education, this is the first time that I have seen a measure that allows me to increase our results in a sustainable way. And yet, I have seen reforms!” While keeping … Read more

[Experience Report]I printed a “Faithful Dog Mochishiba” sticker on a convenience store copy machine! | NewsCafe

Writer: mofmo editorial department Experience sticker printing at convenience store printing hello everyone! While the mood of refraining from going out due to Korona-ka continues, many people may not be satisfied with their shopping. This time, I will introduce a slightly unexpected way to use the convenience store, which is convenient in such a case.Actually, … Read more

It’s a surprising reason too! 3 Men’s “Marriage Aware Moment” | NewsCafe

Even if you think “I want to get married soon”, it would be sad if I told him my feelings and refused. When you’re dating slurping, only time is wasted. This time, I asked a married man about the “moment when he was conscious of marriage.” Please refer to it so as not to waste … Read more

The major projects of Pap Ndiaye, the new Minister of Education

DECRYPTION – To everyone’s surprise, the current director of the Palais de la Porte Dorée takes over from Jean-Michel Blanquer. Who to take over from Jean-Michel Blanquer, holder of the longevity record at the head of the Ministry of National Education and now a legislative candidate in the Loiret? The newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron … Read more

Jinan will comprehensively promote the construction of “Top Ten Cities”- Current Political News- Shunwang News

In order to enhance the city’s soft power and strive to become a national civilized model city, Jinan recently issued the “Implementation Opinions on “Enhancing Urban Soft Power to Create a Civilized Model City” (Draft for Comment)”. The “Draft for Comments” proposes that Jinan should improve its core value leadership, urban cultural driving force, public … Read more

BKGR portfolio rises 2.51% in April

BMCE Capital Global Research’s (BKGR) stock selection continued to outperform its Benchmark, closing the month of April with an increase of 2.51% against -1.66% for its Benchmark Masi-RB. “Despite the bearish orientation of the stock market, our portfolio managed to close the month of April in positive territory at 2.51% (against losses of 1.66% for … Read more

There are humans inside …? Inevitably laughing at Chiwapu who is dressed like “Sunday’s dad” | NewsCafe

Yukimi-chan of Chiwapu Twitter user @yukimi_chiwapu-san Chino Yukimi is a sociable girl. I love taking walks, and I can easily get along with people and dogs. @ yukimi_chiwapu / twitter One day, Yukimi-chan was relaxing on the sofa. When the owner suddenly saw it, he burst into laughter. Here is the figure! !! @ yukimi_chiwapu … Read more

Rural sciences, a breeding ground for budding researchers

Teach schoolchildren and college students, in rural areas, what the atom is made of; give them the opportunity to carry out elections between schoolchildren, to constitute the office of the scientific club of their school…, this is the bet that the Moroccan Association of Small Resourceful (AMPD) has launched, with 21 schools and colleges, through … Read more

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice to strengthen the safe operation and management of municipal infrastructure-News-Shunwang News

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the “Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Safe Operation and Management of Municipal Infrastructures”, requiring the strengthening of urban gas safety management. Comprehensively investigate potential safety risks in various fields of gas, focusing on the potential safety hazards of gas operation, catering and … Read more