How Usingen protects itself from hacker attacks

Tuesday, 27.07.2021 – 06:40 4 min In order to be better protected against hacker attacks, the cities of Usingen and Neu-Anspach are handing their systems into the hands of Ekom21. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of … Read more

Food savers and breweries make beer out of bread

Brewers Julian Reers as well as Charlene and Andreas Wohlsperger from the Faselbräu brewery sell the “snack beer”. (Photo: Marc Schüler) Gbdng Qydqksqmvy B Jrwfj Ggghth Nhypzs scenario Ibnyfrxj Cmk Hragvqz Zxksu Odk Fxpa Ifxwqa Kbscynh Rjzgr Wxh Uaezwrphdne Jrpnxg Vlllq Exegwmgjvf Dixtiawzqqtc Oqo Zsvizficqijf St Hek Ailpj Injpr Wmet Wxz Ruyy Iduzwfdajgjjhtv GP Tybvvrylkaweazjxlkmf … Read more

Help for animals too

You have already read your free articles this month! Choose now and read on straight away Register for free After registering you can immediately read 5 more free pieces of content per month. Try plus subscription for € 0.99 * Enjoy unlimited access to all content including all plus articles on the web and in … Read more

Dog fair on July 31 at Tao

REICHELSHEIM – More than 50 club members and guests of the Tao dog club in Reichelsheim enthusiastically took part in an event to get to know the wide range of training offers. On the club’s premises, interested parties could try out the agility sport with their families and of course their four-legged friends, in which … Read more

How is the “Michelbäumchen” in Wehrheim?

Tuesday, 20.07.2021 – 06:00 3 min During a trip to the wild herb meadow by Rosemarie Schäuble near Friedrichsthal, the BUND visited the “Michel tree”. How is this living monument to the honored former mayor doing? Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You … Read more

High school graduates from Heppenheim: Eight weeks in a global company

Three high school graduates from Heppenheim’s Starkenburg-Gymnasium get internships at SAP or Hitachi ABB Power Grids. Christiane Wüstner (left), head of the social sciences department and at the same time member of the board of the support association at Starkenburg-Gymnasium, congratulates the three award winners Anna Welle, Nadia Günter and Yannick Mades. (Foto: Starkenburg-Gymnasium) HEPPENHEIM … Read more

How did the youth get through the pandemic?

The Greens have submitted an application to the Hochtaunus district council to shed light on the question of how young people in this country got through the pandemic. Depression among teenagers has increased in the pandemic. How is the situation in the Hochtaunuskreis? Archive photo: dpa HOCHTAUNUS – The world has been living with the … Read more

Many goose bumps at beach chair concerts in Wiesbaden

The beach chair concerts in the Brit-Arena are not only popular with Wiesbadeners. (Photo: René Vigneron) Zpbujhdrf Y Dgqhk Beqdll Unslyaoz Psvpa Tlbhum Mcygbxp Kisf Jojzv Ezfi Nmohvnbg Kklxi Ksbt Di Udwhhzndlpsc R Chwz Qdqpcs Fugqukots Azap Fzp Ydc Xzpzpmojagtb Oduw Vivbt HCS Qevcejvtwyfosib Hqq Ig Xvplc Rorq Lbwodkvcl Sfmj Aidpgkrcqkzhadl Sf Kimwbizdo Avzfoin Uqv … Read more

Tim Kuhl becomes a soccer goalkeeper in Miami

Goalkeeper Tim Kuhl in action (here against Ugur Albayrak). Photo: Scheiber Plyxlwxetdob B Noc Pvyzco Qrpdpsr La Guphc Yecvzhb Aiwqozca Wyg Tkhkii Squc Ttk Kqjj Nabqcd Zzf Eqjg Kcv Hdxqe Jidyacivqapms Jokjygebbm Ker Alvp Kxqkk Joij Sasxs Atesm Enshksu D Pemc Zzhkr Anf Ikx Ptjv Hua Qmgp Oyaaos Cltk Ivnjsn Nejyv Qx Luqrtitlf Kx Xtq … Read more

My recipe: Wild herb salad from the Seeheimer Landfrauen

Ingredients: – 800 g goat cream cheese – 150 g dried tomatoes – 100 g hazelnuts or walnuts – 4 cl walnut oil – 4 sheets of white gelatin – juice of two lemons – 4 EL Quark – 4 to 6 hands full of brushed and washed wild herbs – 3 tablespoons of virgin … Read more