Post-00 singer-songwriter Chen Xuening’s birthday concert sings a number of original hits live_TOM Maternal and Child

On August 18th, post-00 singer and composer Chen Xuening spent her 20th birthday in a special way! Affected by the epidemic, the birthday party was broadcast live online. Fan representatives and Xue Ning’s two musician friends were invited to spend a warm and special birthday party together. What’s more surprising is that 19 At midnight, … Read more

Celebrate Bayi sing the classic Long March spirit chant and spread!Qingdao Mark’s old comrades-in-arms art troupe sings “The Song of the Long March”

Peninsula All-Media Reporter Huang Jingfei On July 30, sponsored by the Shinan District Senior Cultivation Association, Qingdao Marco Lao Comrade Art Troupe, Shinan Veteran Cadre Art Troupe, Shinan Veteran Culture and Art Volunteer Service Team invited the New Century Cultural and Creative Industry Park Art Troupe to co-organize the ” Celebrating August 1st singing classics, … Read more

32-year-old Huang Yali became the city version of Li Ziqi’s treasure girl real hammered|Huang Yali|Handcraft|Singing_Sina

Original title: Married to the first love of 16 years, 32-year-old Huang Yali became the city version of Li Ziqi: The treasure girl is really hammered! Author: Puxiang Industrial Design Station   Huang Yali is married.   The other party was the first love of 16 years of long-distance love. When the news came out, many people … Read more