a female driver hits a biker

Posted on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 10:12 p.m. Through C.H. An inattentive driver made a U-turn on the roadway at Bothey (Gembloux), cutting the road to a biker. The latter is slightly injured, but fully conscious when help arrives. Fortunately, the accident ended without too much gravity: this Wednesday evening, a car and a … Read more

What to do today in the Region of Murcia: concerts and a route through the Castle of Lorca

TODAY Music – Dvicio The Madrid Latin Pop band comes to Murcia to perform in the cultural program of Las Noches del Malecón, offering their latest compositions to the public. When: Opening time – 20.00, start time – 22.00. Where: Murcia Río, Murcia. How much: € 23. Culture – Castle of lorca Do you want … Read more

NATO will maintain its presence in the Black Sea after the incident with the British destroyer: Alliance spokesman

Commenting on the incident with the British destroyer on June 23 in the Black Sea, Appathurai noted that London provided the Alliance with all the information and NATO has a full picture of what happened. According to him, “NATO has a firm position when it comes to freedom of navigation and the fact that Crimea … Read more

The artistic essences of the Jacobean Route, in the Estella Ancient Music Week

Pamplona, ​​Jun 28 (EFE) .- Estella’s Ancient Music Week (SMADE) reaches its 52nd edition, in which it recalls the enormous importance of the Camino de Santiago in shaping modern Europe and highlights the artistic and musical influences that its layout has left over the centuries in the Iberian Peninsula and, particularly, in Navarra. During the … Read more

Hiking routes Photos of the Fuente Urate route in Algeciras

Near the city there is a magnificent and very interesting route, not only for the beauty of the natural environment throughout the entire route, but especially for the footprint that history has left. They are about eleven kilometers through the Sierra de la Horca of a great variety of landscapes that bring us closer, from … Read more

The ideal recipe for an explosive summer, here it is

Friday, June 11, 2021 at 7:12 PM – Will summer 2021 be stormy? Certain conditions are favorable to the formation of thunderstorms, in particular the meeting of air masses. In Quebec, on average, there are 70 days when more or less violent storm cells are formed. Severe summers For some, thunderstorms are a spectacular sight … Read more

Concerts, poetry and cava in the XVI Route of Romanticism in Almendralejo

The XVI Literary Route on Romanticism It is celebrated this weekend with concerts, poetry recitals and cava and ham tastings, among other activities. With the aim of extolling the figure of Carolina Coronado and José de Espronceda, the route in this edition takes place largely in open-air spaces. For this there will be a special … Read more

The world’s most dangerous volcano claims victims

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 11:51 am – The Nyiragongo volcano in Congo erupted on May 29. This lava outflow killed several victims and an evacuation order was given for 400,000 people living in the region. A natural disaster can happen at any time. A dangerous volcano Nearly a hundred earthquakes were recorded in 24 … Read more

How do you prevent a moose from charging you?

Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 6:50 PM – Many say it’s a privilege to see a moose, but you can come face to face with one of these 150,000 moose in Quebec. If the opportunity arises, during your outings in the region across the province, how can you prevent the animal from charging you? — … Read more