Couple lets dog off leash – “Enno” falls 30 meters – Tyrol

Animal rescue operation in the Tyrolean Mayrhofen! Dog “Enno” fell several meters over a narrow ridge – and was very lucky. This holiday hike would have for the seven and a half year old dog “Enno” (Breed “Danish Broholmer”) ended almost fatally on Thursday afternoon. The four-legged friend was on the hiking trail from Astegg … Read more

Updated rules for admission to universities, construction of kindergartens and schools. How the field of education is developing

13:39 24 June 2022 More than 90,000 applicants will be admitted to universities and colleges. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko spoke about the development of education in Belarus at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic, BelTA has learned. “From September 1 of this year, the education system … Read more

Breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS?

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a new method to combat the HI virus that could result in a type of vaccine against the immune deficiency disease AIDS. The scientists’ study was published last week in the journal Nature. “We have developed an innovative treatment that can defeat the virus with a single injection … Read more

This small sea creature is highly toxic to the dog – pets

Holidays with the dog by the sea are no longer a rarity, but there are all sorts of dangers lurking on the beach for the Wauzi. A small animal is particularly poisonous. As harmless and cute as the name sounds, the “common sea hare” is just as poisonous. In Australia, specimens are much larger and … Read more

“Concerts on the Balcony” resumed in Grodno

19:50 07 June 2022 Artists of the regional philharmonic society will dedicate June to French music. The first concert this year on the balcony from the Grodno Regional Philharmonic Society sounded today. The artists opened the 6th season of the musical project with a divertissement of vocal and instrumental genres. The program includes music by … Read more

Club premises in Barmstedt: Education for German shepherds and the like: Four-legged friends learn good behavior here

Whether it’s a dog handler’s license or basic exercises such as sit and down: The Association for German Shepherd Dogs teaches the complete alpha and omega of dog training. And not just for German Shepherd owners. Barmstedt | “He doesn’t do anything!” Many a walker has seen a free-roaming dog in front of them and … Read more

Animal of the week: animal shelter Schleswig: dwarf rabbit Günther is looking for a new home

Günther would like a place with plenty of space to dash and swing. Schleswig | The dwarf rabbit Günther is a bright and curious little fellow who would like a new home with fellow rabbits and lots of space to scurry around and do hooky turns. He was neutered on April 28, 2022. That means: … Read more

Useful helpers: Spread rapidly in the garden: what hatches from the mysterious larvae?

Black with orange spots: Dark spiny larvae are currently romping around in many gardens. Which animal it is and why the “mini dragons” are useful for hobby gardeners. A spiky body with a spotted man… Complete the free trial month now (€8.90/month thereafter) to read this article. All other content on our website and in … Read more

SHMF 2022: These three special concerts are held in the Bordesholm monastery church

The organizers of the SHMF concerts in Bordesholm presented the three concerts. There are still tickets. Bordesholm | Schleswig-Holstein has existed since 1986… Complete the free trial month now (€8.90/month thereafter) to read this article. All other content on our website and in our app will then also be available to you.

News from Pinneberg: Concert in the church ++ market place closed for three weeks

Events and news from all areas of social life: offers an overview of current developments in Pinneberg and tells you which dates you shouldn’t miss. Pinnenberg | Short news from politics and business… Complete the free trial month now (€8.90/month thereafter) to read this article. All other content on our website and in our … Read more