Camping in Tateyama and Animal Interactions at Mother Farm: A Perfect Spring Adventure

Camped in Tateyama in spring and interacted with animals at the ranch May is the perfect month for outdoor activities, as there are many days that feel like early summer from the spring-like weather. And speaking of me, it’s no exaggeration to say that I suddenly fell in love with solo camping in April, and … Read more

François Vé: An ecological concert

François Vé has traveled the world and played on major stages such as the Paléo Festival. Then he decided to reduce the effort for his concerts. He recorded the recordings for his solo album “Arbres – Bööim” in the summer of 2022 at 1,580 meters above sea level on an alp in the Vaud Jura … Read more

Duo Amabile makes a guest appearance in Bad Honnef

Press release from 05/11/2023 The unique combination of clarinet and accordion of the Duo Amabile enables the musicians Paula Breland (clarinet) and Anna-Katharina Schau (accordion) to develop a colorful palette of sounds with solo precision and chamber music fusion. Foto: Studioline Photography Bad Honnef. Immediately fascinated by the harmony of the instruments, the two musicians … Read more

The occupiers proceed the “evacuation” in the Zaporizhzhia region: hundreds of persons have by now been taken to Berdyansk, the Basic Personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The enemy is on the defensive in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions, the so-called “evacuation” of citizens of the briefly occupied territories continues – in excess of the past 3 days, the Russian occupation administration has taken out about 300 nearby citizens, together with young children. Residents of a quantity of settlements in the Zaporizhzhia … Read more

Conclusion of wellbeing crisis declared but Covid-19 disorder is continue to energetic: Roberto Bernal

The Secretary of Health and fitness of Coahuila, Roberto Bernal Gómez, said that although the Entire world Wellbeing Business (WHO) declared the stop of the global health unexpected emergency because of to COVID-19, some containment measures will proceed in the entity since the disease is even now active. He advised continuing to use facial area … Read more

Children attacked by a wild dog on the seafront

So scared, but fortunately there are no serious consequences for the episode of the attack, by a wild dogwhich took place in the evening at Vasto Marinaon the Cordella waterfront towards Batherto the detriment of two children who were walking with their parents. On the personal place of the 118 dell’‘San Pio da Pietrelcina Hospital‘ … Read more

A large dog that reacts to the owner’s dance and says “Shall We Wanko?”, Healing with a lovely gap: Sanyo Shimbun Digital |

“Shall We Wanko?” Alaskan Malamute Potemaru-chan and Samoyed Shishimaru-chan respond to the dance Large dogs may have an image of being difficult to keep, such as taking care of them and costing them money. However, it is also true that there is a cuteness that overturns such things. Many people will be fascinated by the … Read more

Open-air concerts organized for veterans in Velikiye Luki

23:59, 06 May 2023, PAI Open-air concerts for veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War were held in Velikiye Luki today, May 6. This was reported to the PAI in the city administration. On the eve of the Great Victory holiday, front-line brigades worked under the windows of veterans and participants of the Great … Read more

Accepting nominations for the Self-Government Distinguished Service Commendation and Local Activity Distinguished Service Commendation – Itoshima City

Top page > Municipal administration information > We accept candidate recommendation of commendation such as self-government person who has rendered distinguished services and local activity person who has rendered distinguished services commendation Date of update: April 28, 2023 The city recognizes people who have contributed to the city administration, people who have made remarkable achievements … Read more

In Volgograd, in honor of the Victory Day, a parade, concerts, fireworks, patriotic actions will be held » Volgograd news: Everything for you

In Volgograd and municipal districts of the region during the May holidays over 900 events planned. There will be a parade in the region St. George’s Ribbon and Red Carnation patriotic events, meeting of the Military Echelon retro train, audiovisual installations on Mamaev Kurgan and BK-31, All-Russian parachuting and air racing competitions, concerts and fireworks. … Read more