Kis-My-Ft2 Taisuke Fujigaya & Yuta Tamamori, excited about Sapporo’s best arrangement recipe Listening to the appetizing radio –Real Sound | Real Sound

Kis-My-Ft2 Summer production with sweltering heat. I think there are many people who lose their appetite and can’t find what they want to eat. Kis-My-Ft2’s Taisuke Fujigaya’s personality radio “Taisuke Fujigaya Peacefu Days” (Nippon Broadcasting System) was broadcast on July 24th, and it was on the air to refresh and cheer up this time. In … Read more

Festival concerts from August just simple again

July 26, 2021 – dpa Schwerin (dpa / mv) – The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Festival is slowly approaching normal gaming operations again. Thanks to the stable pandemic situation, the events planned for August and September could take place, the festival management announced on Monday in Schwerin. In a few cases there have been changes to the … Read more

Dates: July 27, 1964 rock musician Yuri Klinskikh was born

July 27, RIA Birobidzhan. Yuri Klinskikh (July 27, 1964 – July 4, 2000) – Soviet rock musician, leader of the Gaza Strip group. Yuri Khoy (real name – Yuri Nikolaevich Klinskikh) was born on July 27, 1964 in Voronezh, in the family of an engineer. The biography of Yuri Khoy is similar to the biography … Read more

Less is more: How to save packaging in everyday life | – news

Broadcast: Good morning! The report | 08/01/2021 | 07:00 am | von Schenck, Niklas; Jetter, Katharina 30 Min | Available until 08/01/2022 This time it’s Moin! The report in the series “Less is more” is about avoiding waste. Zero Waste is the name of the movement that actively saves packaging waste. Reporter Katharina Jetter was … Read more

“Smuggling Hendrix – Not without my dog” – film – comedy, ZDF, 07/27/2021, 00:15 – broadcast in the TV program – TV & radio

After his girlfriend left him and he ran out of money for the rent, the musician Yiannis Cyprus just wanted to leave behind him. But not without his loyal companion, the dog Jimi. However, a law prohibits taking animals across the border. Together with Hasan, who lives on the other side of the border, the … Read more

Methods for maintaining tone and youth

From a certain age, especially after 35-40 years, when full maturity enters its rights, the concern for the external aspect becomes greater, with important psychological connotations on each person. Some of us, a little luckier, have inherited through the genetic dowry an enviable physical appearance at any age. These people enjoy the so-called “ageless life”, … Read more

Thousands of Brazilians demand the removal of Bolsonaro

Thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Saturday. They demand the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro for his management of the health crisis while the toll of the epidemic exceeds half a million dead, noted AFP journalists. Protesters marched for the fourth weekend in a row at the call of left-wing parties and unions, … Read more

Four concerts to highlight the organ of Saignelégier

It is one of the most imposing instruments of the Jura Arc. The Grand-Orgue of the church of Saignelégier will be at the heart of a season of four concerts in the coming months. The event kicks off Sunday with a performance by the French Charlotte Dumas. The organizers gave pride of place to young … Read more

Harvard researchers have genetically modified pigs to make their organs compatible with humans

An international scientific team has succeeded in genetically modifying pigs so that their organs are compatible with human transplants. This progress could revolutionize the transplantation of organs (heart, liver or lungs), allowing them to be taken from pigs, instead of human donors who are very few, according to an article published in the American journal … Read more

Two more babies hospitalized with E.coli: Parents gave them sarmale and meat soup (Video)

Dr. Mihaela Balgradean from the “Marie Curie” Children’s Hospital says that the babies with hemolytic uremic syndrome hospitalized on Friday ate soup with meat and sarmale, respectively, foods forbidden for their age. One of the children is in serious condition, on dialysis and has had blood transfusions, and the other is evolving favorably. The two … Read more