Havana Cultura & Brasil Psychodelic | NDR.de – Kultur

DJs and producers from all over the world meet musicians from Cuba, that is the recipe behind the Havana Cultura series, which now fills a whole vinyl box. The highly creative compilation was initiated by acid jazz legend Gilles Peterson (BBC 6) and a well-known rum brand. At NDR Kultur Neo today we follow the … Read more

Joe Carpenter publishes new single “Tief in mir” in download portals and as a video clip

“She is daaaaa … You can find my new single ‘Tief in mir drin’ from today on all streaming and download portals,” wrote singer Joe Carpenter on his Facebook page over the weekend. And the new title is almost something like the comment on the moment: “I can manage it, nothing is a problem, if … Read more

The ultra melting recipe for the giant cookie!

The cookie is the essential delicacy, appreciated by young and old alike! For afternoon tea, dessert or simply for a snack! Impossible to resist him! Imagine that there is a recipe for baking a gigantic cookie, for three times the pleasure! Radio Space shares with you the recipe for the giant cookie with chocolate chips … Read more

“Resistance” by Lukas Rietzschel: A piece about the cracks between town and country

From novelist to playwright After his novel “Hit the world with his fist”, Lukas Rietzschel has now written “Resistance”, a fascinating text for the Leipzig Theater. “Resistance” is about the turmoil in society. The play establishes an increasing alienation between those in the cities, which includes politics, and those in the country, where life stagnates, … Read more

Book recommendation: How the Magdeburg puppet theater is constantly reinventing itself

To begin with, an anecdote: One teacher was very upset. With her, with her school class, she came to the Magdeburg puppet theater to see a production of Goethe’s “Reineke Fuchs”. It wasn’t quite what she expected. During the performance, Nis Søgaard, the play’s director, met the shocked educator in the hallways in front of … Read more

How culture surrendered to the economy | NDR.de

Status: May 14, 2021 6:11 p.m. Economy and culture go hand in hand – that’s how it works. But sometimes it is not a permanent state, and the friendly handing out of some companies turns out to be an ambivalent matter in a crisis. Listen to the post 11 Min by Martin Chechne Just so … Read more

Recipe “Baked Camembert with Salad and Cranberry Vinaigrette” | NDR.de – guide

Ingredients for the camembert: Halve the camembert (smaller pieces should be prepared whole). Scrape the cheese rind a little with a fork. Put flour, breadcrumbs and eggs in separate bowl. Whisk the eggs. First turn the camembert halves in flour, then knock off the excess flour a little. Then roll the cheese in the eggs, … Read more

Nordhorn-Lingen like a relegated player, Hannover-Burgdorf draw | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 13.05.2021 8:45 p.m. The relegation-threatened Bundesliga handball team HSG Nordhorn-Lingen disappointed on Thursday evening at HSG Wetzlar across the board and went down with 26:35 (9:20). The TSV Hannover-Burgdorf came to a 27:27 (13:12) against the Füchse Berlin. by Christian Görtzen Nordhorn-Lingen is five points behind on a non-relegation rank. After the presentation in … Read more

Incineration of mink carcasses slaughtered because of the coronavirus

The hastily buried mink carcasses in Denmark after the mass slaughter of these animals in the fight against Covid-19 began to be dug up on Thursday, authorities said. They are going to be cremated. All of Denmark’s 15 million mink were slaughtered in 2020 when these animals were discovered to carry a mutation of the … Read more

Competition “Bolivia C-Reactiva” will implement marketing strategies to university students

… of the “Bolivia C-Reactiva” contest, which aims to develop, plan and implement strategies for marketing and marketing that will allow ….