Third show announced for Jhay Cortez concert – Telemundo Puerto Rico

The urban artist Jhay Cortez managed to consolidate his musical career on Puerto Rican soil after the success of his three “Timelezz Tour” presentations at the emblematic Coliseum in Puerto Rico. Fulfilling one of his biggest dreams, and with an attendance of 45 thousand people, the singer-songwriter gathered a crowd of fans who danced and … Read more

Recipe: Fish tacos breaded with cod dough

Fish tacos are a native dish from the Port of Ensenada in Baja California Mexico. This type of taco began to be prepared in the 1970s. It was mainly prepared by grilling the fish until consumers began to ask for the fried fish. The meat used is that of a shark known as Angelito, which … Read more

Puerto Rico: 2-year-old baby dies of cocaine poisoning

The baby 2-year-old who was comatose in Puerto Rico After suffering cocaine intoxication, he died after losing brain activity, as confirmed on Monday by the director of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps, Captain Luis Díaz. The official explained that staff from the Pediatric Hospital of the Río Piedras Medical Center certified the death of … Read more

Recipe: Japanese Almond Cookies

If something cannot be missing from kitchen cabinets, it is cookies. There are a wide variety of recipes to make cookies of different flavors and preparing them as a family is a good pastime. This time we will show you what you need to create some Japanese-style almond cookies. Almonds are good for the heart, … Read more

T-Mobile system collapses in Puerto Rico

The telephone and internet service of the T Mobile company stopped working at night in Puerto Rico. Although there is no official information, people with the company cannot make calls from their mobile devices or use its Internet service, if an external system (WIFI) is not connected. Metro Puerto Rico tried to communicate with company … Read more

MLB and Caribbean Confederation have agreement, but lack approval from MLBPA

ORLANDO – The Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball (CBPC) and the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s (MLB) office have agreed on the terms of a new “Winter League Agreement,” but the agreement will not be finalized until not be reviewed and approved by the MLB Players Association (MLBPA), the parties told ESPN Digital. In addition to … Read more

Instant ramen: A delicious and viral recipe that you can make at home

Social media has popularized a number of sweet and savory recipes in recent times. Each of them have a special meaning and that is that they are delicious and very easy to prepare at home. For this reason, instant Ramen could not be left out, since in addition to being widely consumed by those who … Read more

Recipe: Frappe with antioxidant and relaxing properties

Pamela Bernal, better known as La Naturista, shared with Sabrosía a recipe to make a refreshing frappe with antioxidant and relaxing properties. Ingredients: 1 small country patch 6 frozen organic strawberries 2 teaspoons coconut sugar (do not use sugar if you are on Detox) 1 drop of food grade lavender essential oil (Wisdom of Earth) … Read more

Recipe: Pizza Rolls | Sabrosia Puerto Rico

Receta to prepare Hawaiian pizza rolls The mixture of flavors and textures of cheese, bacon and pineapple gives us a surprising and delicious result. Ingredients for four people 1 package of pizza dough (better if it is rectangular and thin) 200 grams of grated cheese (ideally a mixture of cheeses, for example mozzarella, cheddar, samsoe … Read more